We’ve been delighted to see homeowners and those building their own homes make use of windows and architecture. There is nothing more stunning than watching a sunset through a bank of windows. Mother Nature in all her glory is best seen through floor-to-ceiling windows. There is just something about the sun lighting up a room that makes people energized and lighter in spirit. That same sun, though, can punish and fade the floors, rugs and furniture if we’re not careful. So why use custom window solutions? That’s where we come in.

Custom Blinds and Shades for Energy Efficiency

Homeowners can always go to any old blind shop to find something to cover the windows. The product will hang about allowing air leakages around the edges along with little in the way of keeping the light where you want it. That is ordinary and the accepted way to do things. With today’s newest technology, however, having your window treatments custom made gives you the edge over the power company. The insulating materials in our window treatments in addition to mounting them flush with the window frame adds a level of energy efficiency you could use. For example, cellular shades offer double-cell construction in a wide selection of colors and fabrics to give you an energy efficient, decorating and interior designing advantage those ordinary blinds and shades can’t deliver.

Custom Window Treatments for Light Control

While those banks of windows we were discussing above allow a magnificent view of many things, they also cause havoc with your rugs and furniture, floors and paint on the walls. Custom made plantation shutters would be a good answer for your window problems. At any given time of day (and any given amount of sun), these can be adjusted to close against the punishing heat and light while at the same time adjusting to allow light so you can see. Custom Roman shades also give the homeowner something to shout about. These, too, can be adjusted to allow light and also block the sun, but with a twist. Roman shades come in all kinds of colors and fabrics, giving homeowners an elegant answer to their window problems. Shutters and shades can be mounted, for example, in the upper part of the windows if that is where the sun is at its most punishing. Shutters and shades in the lower parts of the windows, therefore, can be adjusted to allow light to pour into the room in a manageable amount.

Custom Window Treatments for Custom Windows

We love nothing better than to see architecture at its best while using imaginative windows. We particularly love to see windows folding into a corner of a room, thereby giving its occupant more light in an imaginative setting. We have also approved of using smaller and differently shaped windows to light dark hallways as well as skylights, which give an extra dimension to light. While we might not want to cover up the light to a dark hallway, we definitely would appreciate a chance to help you with your skylight and the differently placed or shaped windows.

We offer homeowners with arched windows custom shades to block the light while the lower arch features fabric or Roman shades, plantation shutters or wood blinds to set off the windows. Got a loft with small windows? We gotcha covered (please pardon the pun). Perhaps the bank of windows is not particularly tall but wide instead. We can custom-make woven wood shades just for your purposes. Our specialty, though, is custom-producing plantation shutters for windows in corners of an A-frame room or house. Perhaps if you’re finishing the attic as an extra bedroom, study or media room, the windows might not be exactly ordinary. We do extraordinary, too, and we do it with fabric shades, valances and vertical blinds.

As you can see, we love windows, and we love dressing them. What we love more, though, is listening to you, the homeowner, in order to learn how we can best help you. Contact us today for a free consultation, professional measuring and installation to discover why going custom is a great idea.

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