Energy efficiency, unhealthy UV rays and privacy are just a few of the buzzwords heard today when homeowners consider window coverings in a build or a remodel. Since windows and their treatments are of importance to the value of the house, it just makes sense to employ these buzzwords to their best advantage. Another facet involved in home improvements is money. No one will argue that saving money is paramount to the quality of a family’s life, nor to the quality of the home. Homeowners would have a grand idea if they considered working with those buzzwords from the outside in.

Energy Efficiency in Patio Sunshades

Considering we read about the dangers of sun exposure, homeowners constantly plan ways of mitigating the sun’s less admirable qualities. Might we suggest installing patio sunshades? When the sun’s harmful propensities are stopped cold (pardon the pun) before they enter the house, then the homeowner catches a break on his power bill. These shades are also handy in winter for keeping harsh winds from affecting the glass in the windows or from sneaking around sealants to find their way inside. Saving on the power bill is what energy efficiency is all about.

Fun in the Sun and Patio Sunshades

Homeowners morphing their patios and decks into outdoor rooms a la the Property Brothers do so for many reasons. Networking and entertaining top the list, but fun in the sun for quality family time isn’t too far from the top. Cookouts, watching the game on the big screen TV, birthday parties, screaming fun on Saturdays and much more fun stuff are best enjoyed in a dedicated outdoor space. Patio sunshades benefit the homeowner and/or a spouse who works at home and chooses to work on the patio, so he or she can soak up some Vitamin D. They benefit the spouse who brings home for supper or drinks people from work or people interested in his or her field of endeavor. When things get too hot, dropping the patio sunshades livens up droopy-from-heat get-togethers. And don’t forget to lower the shades when sunburn enters the picture. Sunshades have the potential to cut harmful UV rays by up to 90 percent.

Privacy and Patio Sunshades

We all know the feeling of eyes watching us. It creeps us out and makes us go inside. That defeats the purpose of getting a tan, enjoying the pool, working in the flowers or vegetable garden and so forth. Keep those prying eyes at bay with patio sunshades. The shades come in multiple levels of sheer, so homeowners can choose their own level of privacy. Not only that, but the shades allow homeowners to see out while keeping spying eyes from seeing in. Shades are controlled by remote. Outdoor shades also adjust easily when they are mounted on cables with wire controls. Homeowners will have the same control over their outdoor shades as they have over their indoor window treatments, and using much the same controls. Have that pool party, work out on the patio or plant something delicious; we have you covered!

Variety in Patio Sunshades

Just as fabrics, faux woods, colors, custom shapes and other distinctions in window treatments have evolved, so have outdoor shades. For example, fabric shades and Roman shades have transformed many a room with their elegance and functionality. From sheer to medium added to any color in the spectrum, these window treatments are custom-fitted to any window in the house. Now apply the same paradigm to outdoor shades. Homeowners have a choice of materials, sheerness and colors for their patio sunshades.

We offer Alabama a wide selection of window treatments plus the added knowledge of outdoor sunshades. When you contact us for more information, we’ll be happy to tell you all about it. Free estimates, professional measuring and professional installation are just a few things you can look forward to when calling us for help.

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