Design Trends

Buying or remodeling a home entails making several major decisions, including the type of window treatments you’ll use. Window treatments offer light control, privacy and style. If you’re in the market for window treatments, here are some of the current design trends, along with a few considerations.

Cordless Blinds/Shades – Cordless blinds and shades are much safer than their cord counterpart. Cords have proved to be dangerous in the past as young children and pets can get tangled in cords. In addition to being safer, cordless blinds and shades provide a much cleaner and sophisticated look without cords hanging down.

Motorization – Motorized blinds provide the ultimate convenience. Motorized blinds allow you to control your blinds from any room in the house at any given time – Even when you’re not home. Do you have high ceilings and windows? This is the option for you. They can also work in conjunction with a smartphone and other popular technology.

Using Real Wood vs. Faux Wood – Many homeowners prefer real wood for the soft, organic feel it gives to windows. Real wood blinds offers a look, feel and quality that can’t be duplicated with faux wood. For instance, real wood provides excellent insulation and protection from harsh UV rays due to its hardy construction. Trying to match a stain? This can be accomplished when using real faux wood.

Color Considerations

– Neutral or natural colors remain trendy. However, some homeowners prefer to match the color of their blinds with their room colors. This may work if you don’t ever intend to ever change the colors of a room.

– When selecting a neutral color, consider the color that’s the closest to that of your window trim.

– If you do want colored blinds and shades, consider that lighter colors can visually enhance a small room.

– Blinds and shades with rich colors can be ideal for dining rooms that may contain a lot of wood.

Other Considerations and Warnings

– Choosing blinds that insulate well are effective in blocking heat and cold. They’re particularly suited for bathrooms and bedrooms. What’s more, they can help you save money on your utility expenses.

– Use vertical blinds for wide windows as they can be easily stacked to a side instead at the top of a window.

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