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Just as it’s important to choose the right type of windows for your house, it’s just as critical to select the best window coverings. One of the most popular window coverings are indoor plantation shutters. If you’re considering new window coverings, here are some reasons why indoor plantation shutters are such a great choice for your windows.

Traditional vs. Plantation Shutters

Shutters are made from solid wood and have slats (louvers). These louvers are positioned within a shutter frame that surrounds the frame of a window. Although plantation shutters are often confused with traditional shutters, they’re different. The louvers, which are adjustable, include a pole that opens or closes them. In most cases, they consist of two separate shutters capable of opening either side of a window.

Unlike traditional shutters that have thinner and smaller slats, the louvers in plantation shutters are wider and larger so that they can usher in more light. In fact, traditional shutters are becoming considerably less common now because of the trend of an open outdoor view and letting in light as desired.

The Adjustability of Indoor Plantation Shutters

Adjustability is the primary advantage of indoor plantation shutters. This means that they can be adjusted according to weather. Because shutters contain louvers, they’re considerably more adjustable than curtains are. In other words, the louvers can allow air to enter your house, while keeping out sunlight, which curtains cannot do.

During winter, your indoor shutters can keep your house warm as the wood used in constructing them is of very high quality. They don’t let in as much cool air as blinds or curtains do in cold weather. This is mainly because they provide an additional layer of protection. In summer, these shutters perform just as well by keeping out heat and sunlight.

They’re also adjustable in that you can keep one shutter closed, while having the other one remain open. The two separate shutters function independently of each other. On the other hand, most blinds either have a single blind that covers an entire window or they’re drawn down from the top of a window.

Other Advantages 

Besides being adjustable, indoor plantation shutters offer several other advantages.

  • They’re exceptionally attractive, offering ageless beauty.
  • They’re incredibly easy to both open and close.
  • Indoor shutters provide a lot of privacy when they’re closed.
  • They’re can be made to match or complement nearly any type of décor.
  • Durability is another perk as they can last for a long period of time. Unlike other types of window coverings, they don’t wrinkle or sag.
  • Additionally, they’re able to withstand humid conditions and much heat.
  • Minimal maintenance is a major bonus as you can easily clean them, using a damp cloth. This means you don’t have to remove your shutters for cleaning purposes.


  • A benefit of custom-made shutters is that they can be built to fit whatever window size. Consider that a custom shutter manufacturer measures your windows and then builds your shutters to fit exactly.
  • Consider the type of wood when selecting your shutters. For example, avoid pine shutters because they tend to bleed sap.
  • For bathrooms, it’s a good idea to have a divided rail for your shutters because this can let you close the bottom slats for privacy purposes, while leaving the top louvers open to let in light and a view. This can be more difficult to achieve when using drapes, curtains or wood blinds.
  • Even though some indoor shutters can cost more than drapes or blinds, indoor shutters are still a good investment because of their exceptional durability.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Regardless of your tastes in window coverings, we have just the right custom solution for your particular home. Please contact us and learn more about our huge selection of window coverings.

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