While you could figure that patio sunshades aren’t really necessary, you’d be surprised at just how many benefits they offer. Today’s patio sunshades are also less of a hassle to operate with cordless and wire-guided designs. You’ll never struggle with stuck blinds and frustrating cords again. Here are some great reasons to consider making patio sunshades your next home improvement.

Keeps Heat Out

Although spending time on the patio is fun in sunny weather, it’s uncomfortable on extremely hot days. Patio sunshades filter out some of the heat so you can still enjoy your patio on the hottest days of the year. They also stop some heat from entering your home, allowing you to enjoy a more comfortable interior on hot days.

Protects From Ultraviolet Rays

Prolonged exposure to UV rays can leave you with a painful sunburn and increase your chances of developing skin cancer. While window glass filters out some of these rays, others have no problem coming through. That’s where patio sunshades come in. When you add patio sunshades, you filter out harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Lowers Air Conditioning Costs

When less heat is coming into your home, you’ll have to run the air conditioner less, which saves on energy bills. Running the air conditioner less often also puts less wear and tear on the system, reducing the chances you’ll need repairs. As air conditioners release harmful emissions, you’ll also reduce your carbon footprint on the environment if you run your cooling system less.

Reduces Screen Glare

If you’re sick of dealing with TV or computer screen glare from patio sunlight, adding patio sunshades solves this problem. You’ll be able to see your screen clearly even during strong daylight sun. You can also add a TV or computer to the room by your patio if you’ve been avoiding doing so because of glare.

Enhances Home Aesthetics

Patio sunshades come in many different styles and designs to suit the decor of diverse homes. You’ll add a touch of sophistication and domestic appeal to your property with these sunshades.

Protects Furniture

If you have patio furniture, you’ll want to keep it looking nice and functioning well for many years. Unfortunately, the sun’s UV rays are also harmful to furniture, fading bright colors and making some materials brittle and susceptible to tears. The sun’s impact extends into the inside of your home as well, affecting indoor furniture to a certain extent. UV rays can degrade color pigments in flooring and drapery as well. Patio sunshades protect indoor and outdoor furniture, flooring, and drapery by filtering out most harmful UV rays.

Adds Value to A Home

If you ever plan to sell, home improvements such as patio sunshades make a positive impression on potential buyers. They’ll be willing to pay higher prices for homes that include such amenities. You’ll also increase your chances of obtaining a faster sale by adding patio sunshades and other such amenities.

Turn to the experts at Just Blinds for quality patio sunshades and professional installations. We’ve been in the industry for over 30 years, and we offer free on-site consultations for patio sunshades. To find out more about our services, please contact us to speak with a professional.

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