Window Coverings – What are the Differences?


With so many available choices for window coverings, one can have problems determining which coverings work best for a particular room or window. It can help to understand the differences and advantages  of choosing blinds, shutters, shades or soft fashion coverings.Continue reading

Guidelines for Cleaning Window Blinds, Drapes and Shades

Window blinds are used for more than just controlling sunlight and providing privacy. They also can add beauty to a room. But to keep your window blinds looking new and serving you as long as possible, it’s critical that they be properly cleaned and maintained. Here are some basic guidelines for cleaning window blinds. Continue reading

Modern Home Design Meets Custom Window Solutions

Custom Window Solutions
Custom Window Solutions

Modern home design brings delightful surprises to interior living. The joy of an octagonal window in the great room, an oval opening from the master bedroom, an arched window in the kitchen or an eyebrow design in the study can be exactly the reason why your home has character and style. What kind of curtains and blinds can do justice to these elite, creative architectural features? A custom window treatment approach is the only strategy that’s effective in tackling alternatively shaped windows such as octagons, port holes and arched windows.Continue reading

Why You Should Choose Real Wood Blinds


Windows enhance the beauty of your home, illuminate and air rooms. How you dress your windows depends on many factors. When it comes to blinds, you have material options. There is wood, aluminum, plastic and faux wood blind options. You like the look of wood, but there is faux wood too. So why should you choose real wood vs. plastics/faux?Continue reading