Custom Window Solutions
Custom Window Solutions

Modern home design brings delightful surprises to interior living. The joy of an octagonal window in the great room, an oval opening from the master bedroom, an arched window in the kitchen or an eyebrow design in the study can be exactly the reason why your home has character and style. What kind of curtains and blinds can do justice to these elite, creative architectural features? A custom window treatment approach is the only strategy that’s effective in tackling alternatively shaped windows such as octagons, port holes and arched windows.

Many materials are available in custom shaped window coverings:

Wooden features may provide the answer to your custom design challenges. Blinds come in a wide range of natural wood suitable for any decor and budget.  Rich, durable interior wooden blinds bring the luxurious warmth of real wood to your home. A wooden alternative which may offer a more rustic or unusual impression for your interior is Woven Wood Blinds. Decorating with the textures of woven wood offers a range of custom impressions that take wood into the softening realm of fabric.

Shutters provide a classic and classy solution inside and out. Interior shutters can be custom designed and built for each of your individual windows and are available in a variety of styles. Installing interior shutters provides practicality, value and elegance to any building. Custom shutters can accommodate many creative window shapes.

Modern Roller Shades, Fabric Shades and Vertical Blinds are obviously a natural for rectangular and square openings. But did you know that modern options in these categories are available for many custom shaped windows as well? Similarly, Roman Shades offer a classic-looking solution based on a hybrid between drapery and the utilitarian properties of a shade. Customized Roman Shades, too, can cover unusual windows.

Cellular-style shades may also solve your custom window shape quandary. These light three-dimensional structures provide choices in fabric texture to allow just the level of privacy and insulation you require. Their cellular fabric construction traps air for maximum energy efficiency and sound absorption. A custom pleated feature fans out to fill unusual window designs such as circular, oval, hexagonal and octagonal designs.

Many treatments for custom windows can even be motorized. Some custom-fitted shutters, shades and blinds can be operated with a hand-held remote employing either infrared, radio frequency or Z-Wave receiver options. Motorizing your window covering provides the ultimate lighting and insulation adjustment convenience for your home. For a large commercial venue, motorized adjustments save time and may even save labor and energy costs over the long run.

Just Blinds has built trusting relationships with homeowners and skilled contractors across the River Region by providing quality products and superior service. To make the most of your specialty window shapes, you should consult with us for the best experience and the most attractive results.  Please get in touch to schedule a free consultation visit for your preliminary custom window covering consultation.

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