With so many available choices for window coverings, one can have problems determining which coverings work best for a particular room or window. It can help to understand the differences and advantages  of choosing blinds, shutters, shades or soft fashion coverings.


The primary distinguishing feature of window blinds are their vertical and horizontal slats. Blinds come in a wide array of styles and shapes, and are made from many different types of materials, from authentic wood, mixtures of wood and fabric, aluminum, plastic, vinyl and other materials, including bamboo, which is a sustainable product.

Generally speaking, vinyl and aluminum blinds tend to be the most affordable choices, but are still highly functional. Authentic wood blinds tend to be more expensive.  Most often, wider slats are more expensive than the narrow type.

While it may be tempting to select blinds based on how well they complement a home’s décor, another important consideration is how well they will block the light. Not all styles provide complete light blockage.  Therefore, if choosing window coverings for security or privacy concerns, a different type of covering may be more suitable.


Shades are not only highly functional and stylish, they are, in most cases, quite affordable. The least expensive types tend to be the most simply designed ones. The cost of shades tend to naturally increases with buyers’ choices of more upscale, designer styles and fabrics. They types are available in a wide array of luxurious choices.

As the designs and capabilities of shades have vastly improved through the years, more and more customers select them for reasons other than mere affordability.  Shades have the advantage of adding customized visual appeal to an environment, as selections of patterns, colors and textures can be chosen to accentuate or match a particular room’s décor or to add a controlled pop of color.

The new solar shades have the capacity to preserve a view while providing sun blockage.  Other shade varieties include woven types that provide complete privacy while also allowing muted light to pass into the room.


Shutters can be the most expensive choice in window coverings, but they can be an investment that can add to the value of one’s home. They are noted for their durability, the ability to add privacy, and for their capacity for customization.

Shutters lend themselves to a myriad of architectural styles, including contemporary apartments, ranch style homes, Art Deco period homes, and modern bungalows.  Their versatility allows them to be adjusted to completely block light from a room, or to allow in as much light as desired.

Soft Fashion Window Coverings

Soft fashion window coverings consist of fabric shades, draperies and other soft material options.  One of the strongest advantages of soft fashion coverings is their capacity for customization, their reasonable cost range and their versatility.

Hand crafted custom fabric shades are available in many different styes, such as Roman shades, and pattern choices. They can be lined to provide more of a blackout feature, or left unlined to allow in soft light.

Draperies are another soft fashion option that provides a wide variety of colors, patterns, textures and fabrics from which to choose. Homeowners or renters often select this option for window coverings because they can be easily changed to go with virtually any interior décor. They are available in a broad range of prices from simple and affordable, to luxurious and costly, depending on the types of fabric selected and other characteristics.

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