Dressing windows is often a tricky proposition even for the most design-savvy homeowner. Besides the myriad of design choices, there’s the problem of oddly shaped windows, walls of windows, skylights or roof-top windows, glass doors, and more. What’s the best way to dress a bay window? What about an extra-tall window or a window with special architecture that you don’t want to hide? It gets downright complicated and confusing so it is best to get expert consulting on your window treatments.To give you a leg-up, we compile a list of 5 reasons to consult an expert to help with your window treatment dilemmas:

  1. Measurements – Even if you have relatively uncomplicated windows, precise measurements are essential in order for a window treatment to look “custom” rather than looking like it was installed by a novice. Companies selling window treatments, especially those who have been doing it for years, have experts that can do the measuring for you, ensuring a perfect look, every time.
  2. Privacy vs. Light Issues – A common dilemma, especially in bathrooms and bedrooms, is wanting maximum light, but at the same time needing privacy. A window design professional can give you options you may not even known existed, and can steer you to the right product to solve both your problems, while making sure that your choice works well with your decor or personal style. For example, one solution that takes care of privacy in a bathroom setting, but still lets in plenty of light are so-called “bottom up” blinds or shades used in combination with a traditional blind or shade.
  3. Challenging Windows – Today’s homes have all kinds of oddly shaped and sized windows that can make even knowing where to start tough in terms of window treatments. A pro will know what the options are and how best to use them with your particular window shape or size.
  4. Windows in an Open Floor Plan – Dressing windows in an open floor plan is  a real challenge, to say the least. The space encompasses different living spaces (kitchen, dining room, living room), and can look disjointed if each area has a totally different treatment. An expert can help you choose one uniform style, or styles that will coordinate and maintain a flowing, cohesive look.
  5. Glass Doors and Large Expanses of Glass – Glass doors and windows that are basically walls of glass are one of the most puzzling problems in terms of window decor. They’re not really windows, but they’re still glass areas allowing views of the indoors, especially at night, and perhaps allowing hot sun to fade and damage expensive furnishings, hardwood floors or artwork during the day. A window design expert can suggest custom options and perhaps even recommend some semi-custom choices to solve questions of both design and functionality. Understanding the way certain window treatments operate, their benefits and how best to install them are all things that are second-nature to someone who’s been working with window treatments for years and is up on the latest technologies, such as motorized shades, blinds or draperies and more. Besides knowing what will work and why, an expert will be sensitive to your design preferences and will take them into consideration when suggesting solutions.

These are just some of the many reasons wise homeowners who want great results should consult with a window treatment expert

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