Pet Friendly Homes

Most pet owners consider their pets as members of the family. And it’s no wonder, when you think of all the ways pets enrich our lives — making us laugh, comforting us when we’re upset or sad, teaching us about loyalty (dogs) and letting to (cats).

Naturally, you want to provide the safest living environment possible, and you also want to protect your furniture and floors from the damage pets cause, however innocently. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some ways we can make our homes safe and comfortable for our pets and find a few ways to keep the peace when it comes to our furniture. 

How many times have you seen your cat climb your draperies? Cats are natural climbers and don’t understand the difference between an acceptable climbing surface and your expensive drapes. What’s more, cats are drawn to sunny windowsills, so keeping them as clear as possible is better for both of you. And what about your dog or puppy? Has he ever gotten tangled in a drapery cord? It’s an awful thought, but it happens more than you might think. A bored puppy or even a lonely adult dog can get into lots of trouble with your window treatments and more while you’re out. Sometimes, he might just be wanting to investigate a noise outside the window and that darned curtain or blind is just in the way!

Recommended Window Treatments

  • Pull Down Roller Shades – Pull up at least halfway when you’re going to be out
  • Motorized Blinds or Shades – raised and lowered by remote control (no cords)
  • Bottom Up Top Down Shades – Leave the bottom up enough so dogs can peek outside and cats can bask on the windowsill. With the top down feature, you can still let light in to your room.
  • Window/Blind Combo – Windows with blinds in between the glass solves the cord problem once and for all.
  • Valances – Up high and out of reach of pets

Create Pet Spaces

Pets, especially dogs like to have their own safe places to retreat to when they’re feeling scared or want to take a nap. These can include:

  • A window seat under a window with a cordless shade option. Your dog will go to this spot to watch the yard (his territory) or to investigate noises. Cats will prefer a cushioned spot to the windowsill too, since they like comfort as much as we do! You can put a washable pad on top to protect upholstery and have a spare one on hand to switch out when the other one is in the wash.
  • A pet bed or built-in cubby that your pet will come to know as her own safe place.
  • Give your cat something to climb and something to scratch and she’ll stop using your draperies and furniture.
  • Install a pet door into a mud room, laundry room, cabinet or closet to keep kitty “bathrooms” out of sight.
  • Add a recessed area for pet bowls so they’re not underfoot.

Limit Access

  • Pet Gates – Make certain rooms like the living room or bedroom off-limits with a gate. You can even have a pocket gate installed to avoid having to put it up and take it down repeatedly.
  • Add a fenced-in area with a dog house to your backyard to keep your pet dog safe when outdoors.
  • An indoor crate is a great place to keep your dog when you’re having guests over.

There are so many great and creative ways to keep your pets safe, happy and out of trouble! And if you’re in the market for any of the window treatment solutions listed above, be sure to contact us.We’ve been providing quality window treatments in Central Alabama for more than 30 years!

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