Woven Wood Shades

Most design trends come and go, but some are destined to become classics. Woven wood window treatments are one of the latter. Versatile and textural, they add a warmth that enhances any environment.

A Solo Act

Woven wood window treatments need no extra embellishment to look good. That’s good news for lovers of modern or minimalist interiors.

  • Woven shades compliment a modern kitchen, lending a hint of warmth that’s often needed to balance an otherwise spare or sleek environment.
  • Dark Roman-style woven wood shades pick up and compliment the dark wood furniture in this modern living room.

Not just flattering to modern design, woven wood shades do a great job all by themselves complimenting traditional rooms as well.

  • traditional dining room’s abundance of glass doors and windows are cloaked and visually warmed with nubby woven wood shades.
  • traditional living room with white upholstery uses nothing but woven wood shades to add warmth and balance and to avoid distracting from the beautiful moldings.

One of the best applications for woven wood window coverings is in a sun room or a casual beach house.

  • Soften the sun’s glare in a cheerful sun room with woven wood shades.
  • beach-style family room with its casual, vacation-like atmosphere uses sand-colored woven wood shades.

Solo woven wood shades are the perfect solution to allow a sculptural window to take center stage without leaving it bare.

  • A custom-made woven wood shade lets this spectacular arched window be the focal point in this elegant bathroom.
  • Woven wood shades work beautifully by themselves to dress a spectacular bay window with an equally impressive view without detracting from either.

Partnering Up

Woven wood blinds are often used underneath draperies for a layered look for those who like a dressier effect or simply a bit more embellishment.

  • Dark stained woven wood shades partnered with creamy colored draperies compliment a traditional four-poster bed in this elegant traditional bedroom.
  • Woven woods pair well with formal draperies and can be lowered to filter strong sunlight in this elegant living room.
  • Textural woven wood shades control light and privacy under a decorative valance in this powder room.

Top Down, Bottoms Up

Controlling privacy in a room without shutting out light is a tough design dilemma, but top down, bottom up woven blinds solve the problem with style while adding texture and interest.

  • Problem solved with top down, bottom up woven woods in the pretty bathroom.
  • This bedroom can have privacy and light at the same time thanks to the versatility of these top down, bottom up woven wood shades that add the warmth of wood to a soft pastel interior.


  • Sky-high windows are no problem with motorized woven wood window treatments.
  • If you like the idea of a blackout shade, but don’t particularly like its looks, you can order custom woven wood shades lined with blackout fabric.

The next time you’re wondering about window treatments for a new home or a remodeling project, consider the benefits and versatility of woven woods. You’ll be surprised at their affordability too, especially when considering the added cost of everything required to add draperies or curtains (rods, drapery hooks, etc.). It’s just another of the many benefits you get with woven wood shades. If you’re in central Alabama and looking for the best variety if woven wood shades, blinds, or shutters, contact us. Just blinds has been providing the finest window coverings in central Alabama for more than 30 years!

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