Drapery Style
Drapery Style

Window treatments offer you a chance to design the look of your room in your own unique style. There are a variety of drapery choices depending on your home, décor, usefulness and taste. Customization of drapery styles offers more choice in material, style, and mounting options. Draperies come in different lengths, widths and are sometimes hung in combination with other window treatments.

Drapery Styles

Pinch-pleated draperies have sewn pleats in the top portion of the panels. Hooks placed in the back of each pleat are placed in hangers on a drapery rod above the window. Easy hanging makes for easy removal for cleaning of windows and drapes. The pleats are an ornate option which matches traditionally sophisticated designed rooms.

Grommet Topped Drapes

A modern convenient style of drapery is the grommet topped draperies. The grommet holes thread over a drapery rod. The grommets make the drapery design easy to open and close. The casual style of these drapes makes them popular for many who like to let the light in during the day and close-out the outside light during the night. The grommet style creates a pleasant evenly dispersed pleated appearance.

Rod Pocket Draperies

Very popular as a traditional style of drapery for years is the rod pocket drapery. The top of the drapes has a pocket which a drapery rod is threaded through. Rod Pocket drapes come in different widths and are threaded onto a rod or bracket of the corresponding width. The drapes, threaded tightly on the rod or bracket create tight pleats or ruching and a voluminous hanging drapery effect. It is common to couple a valance over the top and front of the hanging draperies as an enhancement to the look of the drapes. Explicitly designed to expose the window or shades behind the open drapes.

Drapery length

Drapery designs come in lengths from just under a window to the floor or puddled on the floor. Custom design allows for any length of drapery found desirable.

No fuss Drapes

  • Most custom draperies designs are no fuss. Hang them and leave them until cleaning or changing the style.
  • Easy open and close drapes are grommet topped and move smoothly along the drapery rod. Low maintenance draperies make this style casual and sleek.
  • Stationary style draperies have easy tie-backs to place drapes away from the windows and to the side in a tie or hook holder.
  • It is common to incorporate blinds or shades over the windows under this style of drapery. The only thing to move is the shade up and down or blinds open and close as desired.

Customize your drapes

Drapery designs with the fluidity of style integrate your home design from room to room. Window treatments are window dressing to dress your rooms individually or cohesively with the rest of your home. Customizing your draperies for your particular style makes all the difference in how your designs come together. Easy use draperies are part of the design you choose. You pick the drapery material, top mount style, length, tiebacks and other window treatments to incorporate for an overall window treatment which suits your style. It is all up to you.

Measure, design, and installation

Professional drapery designers guide you in selecting the perfect window treatments and drapes for your windows. The drapery designers help you select quality materials to go with your décor. They also help you determine how you want to use your drapes. How outdoor and indoor light works with your drapes. Professional designers at Just blinds are waiting for you to contact us with your window treatment needs. Our designers have been serving central Alabama for over 30 years and are ready to come to your home for a free consultation.

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