An obvious defect is one thing — a few broken slats in a blind, a frayed or torn drapery. But what if you’re not sure. Let us help you decide if it may be time to update your current window treatments with a few tips.

A Style Conflict

Maybe you’ve had the same bedroom draperies for several years, but recently, you decided it was time for a change, so you repainted the bedroom, refinished the side tables, got some new modern-looking lamps, and new bedding. Suddenly, those old draperies just don’t look quite right anymore. The color’s wrong. They style is wrong. Maybe a sleek window treatment would work better with your new modern bedroom style.

It’s A Matter of Wasted Energy

Your house isn’t as young as it was, and like most people, you’re looking to save energy any way you can. Some insulated draperies on those north-facing living room windows might not only give the decor a little punch, but will also make the room feel warmer and more comfortable this winter and will save energy too.

High-Tech Appeal and Convenience

The advent of motorized blinds, shades and draperies has made covering walls of windows or super-high windows practical and easy. And the luxury of opening and closing your window treatments from the comfort of the couch or your bed is truly a treat.

They’ve Gone “Above and Beyond” and Look Like It Too

Face it. Everything wears out eventually, and your window treatments are no exception. With all the new styles, patterns, options and special features available in the land of window treatments today, why not give your tired old draperies, curtains or shades the retirement they deserve and give a room — or the whole house — the update it needs. You’ll be amazed at what a difference changing just one element like a window treatment can make in its power to transform the look and feeling of a room.

Your Husband’s Got a New Job — a Night Shift Job

There’s only one way to handle the bedroom of a shift worker — blackout window treatments. It’s a relatively small investment with a really big payoff: the ability to sleep during the day.

You’ve Just Moved and Nothing Fits the Windows or the Style of the House

You saved your good dining room draperies, and your woven wood blinds from the spare bedroom. You’ve tried them all over the house and they’re just don’t fit any of the windows in your new place. It happens to almost every new tenant or homeowner.

Your Personal Style Has Evolved

Hey, life is all about growth and sometimes our style morphs and evolves along with us. What you thought was beautiful five years ago, you may hate today. Start small, but start replacing your window treatments to reflect who you are today.

Just Because

Seriously, you don’t always have to have a valid reason to change your window treatments. Tastes change, things wear out, decor changes, and sometimes you just feel like a change yourself. That’s a perfectly valid reason too.

The beginning of the fall season is full of new things. School has started up again after a long summer hiatus. The leaves are changing color and beginning to fall. You might be starting something new yourself — a yoga class, a new job, a work-at-home career. Change is a good thing, and there’s no reason you need a specific reason to update and redecorate. But if you feel that you really need one and none of the above reasons are good enough, just remember, the holidays are right around the corner and you’ll probably be entertaining. Now that you can justify to yourself without guilt — it’s your pre-holiday gift to yourself.

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