If you love — really love beautiful interiors, you’re always looking for ways to change things up and improve your rooms both functionally and in terms of style. If you have an eye for design, you’ll tend to notice details and nuances in everything. Look, for example at some of the latest design trends in window treatments and pay attention to how they play off or enhance other design elements in each room. You’ll see why paying attention to detail counts:


  • Woven wood – Classic woven wood blinds are the “trend” that never goes away. That’s because they literally “play well” with any style you can think of  — modern, traditional, country, rustic, etc., adding warmth and texture to a room. It’s little wonder they’ve become a designer staple.
  • Linen – In order for a monochromatic look to work and not look flat and uninspiring, texture is a must. Linen works perfectly to provide some earthy texture and interest in a completely neutral room.


  • Graphics – Wall matching draperies with subtle graphics add a sense of textural interest to a monochromatic room, proving that graphics don’t have to be “bold” to be effective.
  • Intricacy – Shades with a subtle pattern can become the focal point of a room.
  • Bold, Colorful Stripes – When you think of sheers, what usually comes to mind are translucent, delicate wisps of fabric. Sheers in bold Southwestern colors are unexpected, but beautiful in a richly colored bedroom.


  • Quaintly patterned Roman shades can add color, a golden glow and cheerful charm in an all-white country kitchen.
  • Relaxed Roman shades in linen add a little imperfect charm to a formal dining room. Sometimes, a touch of organic warmth is needed to keep a formal space from looking uninviting.


  • Silky tassels add an air of elegance and luxury to a beautiful pair of draperies and are especially harmonious in a formal room such as a Victorian style living room. Use cotton tassels and a more homespun fabric, and the look becomes decidedly more casual.
  • Fringe, particularly the beaded variety, adds a little play of light as the sun’s rays bounce off of them.
  • Hardware is a lot like jewelry for drapes. Bold hardware is often a “showstopper.”


  • Minimalist – There are so many fresh, clean ways to do windows in a minimalist room. Use blinds, shades, or shutters, for a pure, uncluttered effect that lets each carefully-chosen item in a room shine.
  • No Fuss – There are times when utter simplicity is just so relaxing, such as with simple roller shades. Anything more would take away from the restful feeling of certain spaces.


  • Sleek and Modern – Think tailored, like crisp valences in a modern dining room setting.
  • Soft and Romantic – For instant romance, sweep silky draperies to one side and tie loosely with a silken cord.


  • Motorization – Eliminate cords that are dangerous to small children and pets, open and close draperies or shades from the bed, and accommodate tall windows with a motorized window treatment.
  • Blackout – Keep out light from the street, simulate night-time during the day for shift workers, and keep the inside of your room completely shielded from outside view. Let them stand alone or serve as a layer with a valance or drapes on top.
  •  Sun Shades – Sun or solar shades let filtered light in, but keep the sun’s harmful UV light from damaging floors, furnishings and art. You can even get a patterned solar shade for soft dappled light.

The secret to making a room look harmonious requires nuance — attention to detail, and a realization that the even the smallest changes can produce big results!

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