What Does Indoor Air Quality Have to Do With My Home?

Homeowners planning to remodel their homes and those building new homes are faced with not just choosing among window treatments and flooring. They are also faced with the consequences of their choices. Most everyone has heard by now of the terrible health consequences of the chemicals in flooring and their adhesives, furniture that off-gasses as well as problems with ducts for those with breathing problems and allergies. Homeowners wishing for the best possible indoor air quality search for products without these chemicals.Continue reading

The Many Uses of “Black Out” Shades

Mention black out shades, and people automatically think of night shift workers, who have trouble sleeping during the daytime. But there are actually many other uses for black out shades besides darkening a room in the daylight hours.Continue reading

Motorized Blinds and Shades Benefits Seniors and the Disabled

It’s no secret that technology has improved lives. Seniors and the disabled especially have embraced technology. They can now find their way around with the aid of the GPS on their smart phones, work online from their tablets or laptops to pick up extra money, and they use their home automation systems to their best advantage. The elderly and disabled, however, might consider how motorized blinds and shades benefits them. The limitations of seniors and the disabled are being brought to the attention of everyone. Businesses and manufacturers are busily producing items that will help. We, too, are aware of the health problems and limitations of the elderly and disabled. We appreciate a chance to help.Continue reading