It’s no secret that technology has improved lives. Seniors and the disabled especially have embraced technology. They can now find their way around with the aid of the GPS on their smart phones, work online from their tablets or laptops to pick up extra money, and they use their home automation systems to their best advantage. The elderly and disabled, however, might consider how motorized blinds and shades benefits them. The limitations of seniors and the disabled are being brought to the attention of everyone. Businesses and manufacturers are busily producing items that will help. We, too, are aware of the health problems and limitations of the elderly and disabled. We appreciate a chance to help.

Motorized Blinds and Shades for Arthritic Hands

As the body ages, things like arthritis, osteoporosis and other conditions distort the body’s joints and limbs. Oxygenated blood doesn’t always reach the muscles, limiting their operation. Muscles and joints stiffen up from lack of exercise. Chemical medications might slow the pain, but their side effects are just as bad as the illness they treat. Seniors and the disabled, therefore, need specialized items such as special cell phones with large buttons or lever door knobs instead of regular door knobs. Motorized shades and blinds come with a remote that is easy for seniors and the disabled to operate. These items also can be made to operate by flipping a switch on the wall in the room in which the blinds and shades are located. This also keeps seniors and the disabled with little to no range of motion in their arms or shoulders safe from damaging already damaged limbs by stretching to reach the cords to raise and lower the blinds and shades.

Motorized Blinds and Shades for Hard-to-Reach Windows

Many seniors and disabled move from their present homes into smaller (or larger as the case may be) homes in order to be closer to family members or their health management facilities. Newer homes are being built to make use of windows on all sides of the house for light and architectural beauty. These windows aren’t always designed, though, with seniors and the disabled in mind.  Some are floor-to-ceiling windows, windows over the front door or even skylights. These present special problems for the elderly and disabled, for they must either reach or climb onto something in order to open or close the window treatments. While senior eyes need all the light they can get in order to see, they don’t need the potential for an accident reaching for window treatment controls like cords or wands. We welcome the chance to cover these windows with blinds and shades complete with remote control to help the seniors and disabled manage their window treatments safely.

Motorized Blinds and Shades for Privacy

It is a sad commentary on our life today that there are those who prey upon the elderly and disabled with an eye toward illegally removing their belongings. These people canvass neighborhoods for likely prospects and then plan their move. They look for open windows, piled up newspapers on the doorstep, mail over-running the mailbox, toys left out for days or weeks and so forth. These people also check for closed curtains and blinds. If the week passes without the blinds or curtains being opened, they think the house is ripe for a visit. However, when we install blinds and shades for the elderly or disabled, the remote will be used to open, close or adjust the window treatments at various times of the day. Nefarious planners will move on to the next unfortunate homeowner.

Motorized Blinds and Shades for Reflection or Glare

No one likes to get into the greatest part of the story when all of a sudden the sun decides to reflect off the TV or computer screen. Many people hook up their computers to the TV in order to have a larger surface upon which to read or work online. Nothing irritates people more than having their screen go blank due to excessive light reflecting off the screen. We can take care of that for the seniors and disabled using their TVs and computers by installing motorized blinds and shades with remote control. No more glare!

Seniors and the disabled face so many challenges that it just makes sense to make their lives easier any way we can. We can, and when you contact us to learn more about it, we’ll be happy to help.

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