Mention black out shades, and people automatically think of night shift workers, who have trouble sleeping during the daytime. But there are actually many other uses for black out shades besides darkening a room in the daylight hours.

Help Your Baby Sleep Better

If you want your baby or toddler to enjoy a good nap during the day, black out shades can be an invaluable addition to the nursery. And if you want to nap yourself while the baby sleeps, a black out shade in your own bedroom will help tremendously.

Enjoy Complete Privacy

A black out shade eliminates the chance that passers-by can see into your home at night — not even silhouettes!

Afternoon Naps for Grownups

Research has shown that a short — 20 to 40 minute — afternoon nap is good for your health. It renews energy levels and makes you sharper and ready to tackle the rest of the day or prepares you for a special night-time event that you know will run late. A black out shade will truly darken your bedroom, sending a signal to your brain for sleep. A good black out shade will also help with outside noise.

City Sleeping

Even in the middle of the night, most cities are filled with light from nearby buildings, streetlights and neon signs. Block it all out with black out shades so you can sleep in peace.

Essential Equipment for Photographers

Whether you’re a professional photographer, or just take photographs as a hobby, a blackout curtain can control lighting like nothing else, plus make the room you use for developing pictures a true “dark” room!  Many professional photographers carry a sheet of black out fabric with them to photo shoots to control the light according to their needs.

Keeping Cool in Summer

Black out shades on the south side of the house will block passive solar heating on a hot day, keeping your home cooler and helping the air conditioner to run more efficiently too.

Keeping Warm in Winter

A good black out shade can reduce thermal loss through your windows by up to 25%, and look great doing it!

Keep Your Home Theater or Media Room Dark

There’s a reason movie theaters are so dark. The movie screen stands out as the only source of light in the room. The same applies to whatever room you use to watch television. Black out shades will keep it dark and enhance viewing.

Help for Migraine Sufferers

When you get a migraine, or even a severe tension headache, light seems to make it so much worse. Taking your migraine medication or aspirin and then lying down in a completely darkened room will help you feel better sooner, and shaving even 10 or 15 minutes off of the time it takes to get rid of your headache makes having a room with black out shades to retreat to a lifesaver!

Protect Furniture, Floors and Artwork

Nothing fades furniture, carpets, hardwood floors and artwork faster than daily doses of sunlight, especially in the summer. Close your black out shades during the day time and protect your floors and decor.

Computer Viewing

Darkening your home office makes computer viewing easier on your eyes. Glare from the sun on the screen can create eyestrain, especially if you work from home and spend a lot of time on the computer.

Black out shades needn’t be the simple black window coverings you might be thinking of. Virtually any fabric shade can be upgraded to include a black out fabric backing, so black out shades won’t “cramp your style” either. You can also dress them up if you prefer a formal or traditional look by simply layering some beautiful draperies on top of them.

You’d be hard pressed to find a more useful window covering than a black out shade. Get yours today at Just Blinds, serving Central Alabama with top-quality window covering solutions for more than 30 years. Contact us for more information about any of our beautiful window treatments anytime.

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