There’s never been a time when there were more choices in home window treatments. Today you can choose from wood or faux wood blinds, vinyl shutters, wood shutters, honeycomb and many other types of window coverings. But just as it’s important to select a style, it can be even more critical to have the type of lift system that is best for you and your family.

More and more people are discovering the benefits of using cordless blinds and shades. A huge reason for their popularity is their ease of operation. You simply raise or lower them. Furthermore, you don’t have to waste time untangling cords and untying knots. These are only two of their advantages. Here are some of the other benefits of using cordless blinds and shades, along with a few considerations and warnings.


Probably the main benefit of cordless blinds and shades is that they’re safer than other window treatments. Tragically, many children are injured or even die from being strangled by window cords. Consider that it only takes less than two minutes for a strangulation to cause brain damage or even result in death.

Cosmetic Appeal

  • Aesthetic appeal is another huge perk. Besides being safer, they’re more attractive as there aren’t any ugly cords that need to be hidden.
  • Keep in mind that cordless window treatments can make windows look uncluttered and streamlined, giving them a modern, clean appearance.
  • Additionally, cordless blinds and shades come in a wide variety of colors that can go with your home furnishings.

How  Cordless Window Treatments Operate

There are three primary ways that cordless blinds and shades can be operated.

  • One way is by lifting the blinds or shades, using a mechanism that’s built into the blinds. This device makes it easy to control the amount of light you want in your rooms.
  • Some cordless blinds are operated from the bottom or the top up. This is ideal for allowing the upper portion of a window to usher in light, while the lower part gives you privacy.
  • Another method is by remote control. When you press a button on a remote control device the slats can be adjusted for controlling light coming into a room. The remote control operation is particularly common with Venetian blinds.

Considerations and Warnings

  • Because bored cats and dogs can use window cords as toys, pets can do significant damage when playing with them. Even worse, just as children, animals can die from strangulation from cords.
  • Cordless window coverings are a good choice for rooms, such as bathrooms, bedrooms and media rooms where you need privacy and light control.
  • Don’t install cordless blinds or shades on a window if furniture is front of the window unless you plan to move the furniture out of the way. You don’t want the bottom portion of your window to be obstructed by sofas.
  • Cordless window coverings are not intended for high windows that are hard to reach. If you need a ladder to reach the top of a window, you shouldn’t use cordless blinds and shades.
  • It can be hard to install cordless window coverings. That’s why it’s recommended to let a professional do the job. Unlike the average do-it-yourselfer, a window treatment specialist knows how to properly fit cordless blinds and shades so that they look stunning and work effectively.

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