When it comes to home decor, window treatments play a large role in the overall look of the interior design. However, that’s not the only use they have. Whether you choose shades, blinds, or shutters, all of these window treatments are important in order to protect your home from too much sun exposure and by adding more security to your living space. If you are planning on doing some sprucing up in your home (including window treatments) check out the top design trends that will be hot in 2017.

  1. Roman Shades: While Roman shades have been around for plenty of years, they will never go out of style and will be especially popular in 2017. More homeowners are choosing Roman shades as their shades of choice in dens and bedrooms thanks to the intimate, private feel they add to the ambiance of the room. Roman shades also pair excellently with some soft drapes. The added appeal of Roman shades is that you can customize the fabric and style them to fit in with the decor of your home.
  2. Window Films: Window films are commonly used in hotel rooms and now more and more homeowners are including window films in their own homes. Window films allow for control of sun exposure in the home while still letting natural light in. They also add extra security and safety to your home.
  3. Motorized Blinds, Shades, and Shutters: More homeowners are investing in motorization because it is the ultimate form of window convenience. The same way you would use a remote to turn on your television, you would use a handheld device to operate your motorized blinds, shades, and shutters.
  4. Draperies: Like Roman shades, draperies have long been in style and will remain a fashionable and timeless look for homes. Homeowners often choose to include drapery in their homes because of the effortless elegance it gives off. Not to mention there are so many opportunities for styling and customization. Drapes can come pleated, tied, puddled, or all three, depending on the preferences of the homeowners. You can also pick and choose what styles, fabrics, and colors you think best suit the ambiance and decor of your home.
  5. Roller Shades: Like vertical blinds, roller shades offer a distinct element of modern design. They are utilitarian and practical, yet chic and undeniably sophisticated. Roller shades don’t just work well in bedrooms, living rooms, and other parts of your home, they are ideal for office settings as well. Roller shades also come in many different fabrics and styles, allowing you to customize them as you please.
  6. Wood Woven Shades: Wood woven shades are the “it” shades for anyone looking for an eclectic window treatment. Whether you are putting in new shades for your beach home or looking for shades that fit in nicely in an artistic, Bohemian apartment, wood woven shades work for multiple settings. These shades come in a variety of styles and you have different material options to choose from too. From rustic to sophisticated and everything in between, wood woven shades complement the interior of your home.

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