Weather Queen Shades – The Durable Outdoor (Yes, Outdoor!) Shade Option

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If you’re lucky enough to have a home with a screen porch, you already know how enjoyable it is to spend an evening with friends or family in a space that feels like the outdoors, minus the annoyance of swatting insects or fleeing a sudden shower. Having a roof over your head makes it possible to enjoy a warm summer day without an overhead assault from the sun, yet still be privy to the occasional cool breeze through the screens. Being able to block sun streaming in through the screens would be nice, but you’ve hesitated to hang indoor shades or blinds for fear that your investment will be ruined by the weather over time. Dust, dirt and pollen are another problem, since screens are very effective at keeping the bugs out, but not so effective at blocking tiny particles of dust and dirt on a breezy day. Shades could also solve that problem and keep your screen porch and its furnishings cleaner as well.Continue reading

7 Simple Tips for Cleaning and Caring For Your Blinds

Just as you would regularly bring in your vehicle for auto repairs, inspections, and routine maintenance to promote the longevity of your car, you should always make the time to clean and care for your blinds so that you can get the most use out of them. Cleaning and caring for your blinds aren’t demanding tasks and when you keep them in quality condition, it’s safe to say that they will remain in your home for a long time. In this post, we will discuss 7 simple tips for cleaning and caring for your blinds.Continue reading

Why Go Custom? The Benefits Custom-Made Blinds Provide

If you are redesigning your home’s interior or purchasing a new home, then you may be considering blind options in your home. When considering blind options for your windows, you will first have to decide whether ready-made, or custom, blinds would be best for your home. Due to the fact that ready-made blinds are often the more cost-effective option, many homeowners ask “why go custom?” However, there are many benefits that custom-made blinds can provide over ready-made blinds. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider custom windows blinds for your home.Continue reading

New Year, New Look: Pair Custom Window Treatments with Motorized Blinds and Shades

There’s no question that motorized blinds or shades are a convenient option, but in the case of a wall of windows or extra-tall windows, they can be a necessity! And because they’re free of cords, they’re a safer option for families with small children or pets who could become dangerously entangled in the cords of their traditional, manually-operated counterparts. They’re also a versatile choice for many homeowners who might have rooms with windows of different sizes, heights and even shapes.Continue reading