There’s no question that motorized blinds or shades are a convenient option, but in the case of a wall of windows or extra-tall windows, they can be a necessity! And because they’re free of cords, they’re a safer option for families with small children or pets who could become dangerously entangled in the cords of their traditional, manually-operated counterparts. They’re also a versatile choice for many homeowners who might have rooms with windows of different sizes, heights and even shapes.

If you’re currently enjoying the many advantages of motorized blinds and/or shades, but also longing for a slightly “dressier” look for your windows, consider pairing them with custom draperies for a more traditional look or perhaps a seasonal change of pace. Many people like the extra flexibility of layering draperies over blinds to achieve a warmer look and a warmer temperature, thanks to the extra layer of insulation that the addition of draperies provides.

Here are some ideas to consider when pairing custom window treatments with motorized blinds and shades:

Pairing Textural Draperies with Textural Blinds
In a monochromatic room, texture is the trick designers use to keep a room from looking boring or “flat”. Try using a nubby fabric for your draperies layered over a motorized woven wood blind to make your room come alive. If you like the look of your motorized shades, but want to dress up a room for a slightly more formal look, consider adding stationery drapes for a finished look.

Mix and Match
Don’t feel that you have to treat every window in the room in the same way. In rooms that have windows of differing sizes or shapes you can tie them all together with a similar fabric over your motorized blinds or shades, or use drapes atop some windows and valances or roman shades atop others.

Flat Cornices Atop Motorized Shades or Blinds
If you’re into a modern — but not stark — look, consider topping your windows with a cornice covered in fabric to hide motorized mechanism and add a touch of simple tailoring to your room.

An All-Motorized Layered Look
Sometimes, an all-motorized layered window treatment is the only option in a room with mile-high windows. The motorized shades control light, while the draperies wrap the room in privacy at night with the touch of a button!

A good window treatment professional can help you to decide on what will work best, taking into consideration your individual needs, tastes and budget. If you’ve been intrigued by the idea of motorized window treatments, but worried that they’d look too modern or stark in your traditional room, or just wanted to know what your options are, talk to a window-design pro who understands the “art of the window” better than anyone! In Central Alabama, ask the professionals at Just Blinds for advice and guidance. With more than 30 years experience, and an unbeatable selection, they’ll help you to discover window dressing ideas you may not even have dreamed existed! Contact us today to arrange a free consultation in your own home!

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