Just as you would regularly bring in your vehicle for auto repairs, inspections, and routine maintenance to promote the longevity of your car, you should always make the time to clean and care for your blinds so that you can get the most use out of them. Cleaning and caring for your blinds aren’t demanding tasks and when you keep them in quality condition, it’s safe to say that they will remain in your home for a long time. In this post, we will discuss 7 simple tips for cleaning and caring for your blinds.

  1. 1. Routine Dusting: Once a week is ideal for getting in a light, routine dusting of your blinds. In fact, a cleaning task as simple as dusting is enough to give your blinds a good-as-new appearance. Light dusting can be done on blinds as well as shades, shutters, sheers, window panels, and shadings. So no matter what kind of window treatment you have in your home or office, dusting is always beneficial.
  2. 2. Deep-Clean Vacuuming: If you need a more thorough, deeper clean, vacuuming your blinds can be done occasionally. Vacuuming the blinds lightly with a vertical stroke can usually be done on most blinds and other windows coverings. Make sure you that check with the manufacturer before doing it to confirm that vacuuming will not damage the blinds.
  3. 3. Hair-Dryer Dusting: For a really hefty, deep clean on an exceptionally dusty window covering, try blowing the dust off with a hair dryer (just make sure you have it on the non-heat setting). Again, like vacuuming your blinds or other window covering, you will want to make sure that the material can withstand the air. Some window coverings can handle the compressed air while others cannot.
  4. 4. Spot-Cleaning: Blinds can get stained just like a carpet, rug, or painted wall can get stained. But blinds can quite easily become stain-free with a quick, gentle spot-cleaning. Moisten a soft cloth or sponge with lukewarm water and blot the spot in a gentle manner (don’t rub, as this could damage the material). If needed, add a little bit of detergent to the sponge for bigger stains.
  5. 5. Aluminum Blinds: Aluminum blinds can be a little trickier to clean and will require an over-the-counter blind cleaner. Use the blind cleaner with a soft cloth or sponge and as you would with spot-cleaning, gently blot the stained area. If you are doing a routine cleaning of all the blinds, continue to use a cloth but clean everything in a gentle manner.
  6. 6. Alternative Wood And Vinyl Products: Before you start cleaning, wipe the blinds with dryer sheets to reduce static cling. Doing this will also repel dust. Ask a manufacturer or the store where you bought the blinds about cleaning solutions they would recommend. Some solvents and cleaners will end up damaging wood products. Lastly, certain alternative wood products will need to air dry so that the dust repellent properties are preserved.
  7. 7. Wood Products: When cleaning wooden window coverings, start by using a soft feather duster to remove any dust. Use a gentle cleaner rather than solvents or scrubbers as these will damage your wood. When not cleaning your wooden blinds, make sure you are protecting them rain, moisture, and steam in order to preserve the life of the wood. Also, when cleaning your windows, spray the cleaner on a cloth rather than directly onto the glass since the chemicals can damage the wood.

Looking for more advice on ways to give your blinds or other window coverings a thorough cleaning? Don’t hesitate to contact us today about cleaning questions or any other questions regarding window treatments and coverings in your home or commercial space.

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