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If you’re lucky enough to have a home with a screen porch, you already know how enjoyable it is to spend an evening with friends or family in a space that feels like the outdoors, minus the annoyance of swatting insects or fleeing a sudden shower. Having a roof over your head makes it possible to enjoy a warm summer day without an overhead assault from the sun, yet still be privy to the occasional cool breeze through the screens. Being able to block sun streaming in through the screens would be nice, but you’ve hesitated to hang indoor shades or blinds for fear that your investment will be ruined by the weather over time. Dust, dirt and pollen are another problem, since screens are very effective at keeping the bugs out, but not so effective at blocking tiny particles of dust and dirt on a breezy day. Shades could also solve that problem and keep your screen porch and its furnishings cleaner as well.

Fortunately, the creator of Weather Queen Shades felt the same concerns, and decided to correct those problems with a product that not only looks beautiful, but also stands up to weather beautifully and transforms your screen porch into a haven on a hot day.

Just Blinds is proud to introduce our newest product, Weather Queen Shades – the durable outdoor shade option that opens up new possibilities for your screen porch! Weather Queen Shades will not only enhance your screen porch experience, they’ll also add a tailored look to your home’s exterior, and since they’re available in 80 different Sunbrella Awning and Marine Fabric choices, you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect outdoor shades to complement your home no matter what its color or style!

Even better, Weather Queen Shades can be mounted in different ways, depending on the look you’re after, and you can even add moldings to give them even more of a custom look.

And if you can’t quite imagine how they’ll look, follow the links below to see the possibilities they provide:

  • With 80 colors to choose from, you’ll find the perfect shades for your home, as this homeowner did with these salmon-colored Weather Queen shades.
  • The owner of this rustic lake house opted to match his home’s exterior and cut down on cleaning on this screen porch that opens to a deck overlooking the lake.
  • If your home is on the coast, you know how blinding the sun can be as it reflects off the water. The glare is sometimes annoying to the point that it prevents you from enjoying the view on a sunny day. Closing most of your Weather Queen Shades while leaving one or two open, enables you to enjoy your screen porch — and the view it affords you — on even the sunniest of days!
  • Weather Queen Shades exclusive WindStop Track secures the shade to the exterior of your home to keep it in place on a windy day or evening.

And if you’re envisioning having to go outdoors to adjust, open, or close your Weather Queen Shades, rest assured that any and all adjustments can be done from inside your porch, either manually or via a motorized option.

Just Blinds has been serving Central Alabama for more than 3 decades. Let us show you the different mounting options, colors and possibilities you open up with Weather Queen Shades. Our experts will help you decide on the best color, fabric and mounting option for your home, and we’ll provide professional, custom installation too! You’ll love your new Weather Queen Shades from Just Blinds. Don’t wait! Contact us today to arrange a free, on site consultation!

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