Window Treatment Trends & Styles in 2017 include designs to catch the eye in color, light, and materials. Deep color, striking details, metallic materials and complimentary rods bring the 2017 trends and styles to your windows. Rich color, eco-friendly material, and layering are trends to make into your own style.

Jewel Tone Window treatments

The trend of stainless steel kitchen and bathroom features have made it to the windows. Last year’s shiny stainless steel appliances are giving over to matte and buffed metal surfaces. Our choices in draperies and shades are showing signs of deep jewel tones with gold finish.

  • Drapery materials mimicking the metal look blend into the design features of the current appliances and hardware of your cabinet and furniture.
  • Metallic thread woven into shades and drapes create continuity of the style and trend.
  • Drapery hoops, hooks, and rods finish off the metallic look window treatments.
  • Shutters, shades and rods reflect the beautiful gold finish trending in 2017.

Design Window Treatment Trends

The new 2017 color trends are slate, gray, or gold are showing up in design features in home decorating and furnishings. The neutrality of the new color trend makes for a great blending of the new window treatment trends in color and style.

  • Deep Jewel tone colors of draperies add a rich relaxing atmosphere in deep emerald green, brilliant blue enhances the gold finish of furnishings and decor.
  • Dangling jewels and natural bamboo or match style shades add individual style while following through with the current window treatment trends.
  • Bold geometric designs on drapes or shades catch the eye.
  • Yellow window treatment color plays along with the gold, muted bronze, and copper metallic color trend.

Layered Window Treatments

In contrast to the deep jewel tones colors, are sheer draperies in colors that allow the natural light to come through and enhance the interior. Sheers of different colors are layered in front of a window enhancing the brilliance of the natural light to come through creating a fun, relaxing and creative space. The sheers layered with drapes or shades allow the natural light in during the day and privacy of drawn drapes or shades in the evening.

Another example of this trend involves layering two different shades. One shade in front of another shade to allow different effects depending on whether one or more shades are drawn.

Roller shades layer with drapes and have clean lines with the ease of use.

Combine the look of drapes with the versatility of shutters or shades to create the trendy layered window treatment look.

Natural Materials

Natural, organic, sustainable and eco-friendly materials in window treatments are following suit with home furnishing trends. Styles of window treatments enhance natural lighting while using bamboo, or other sustainable wood.

Recycled materials using environmental safe processing are favorable in shades.

Shades and shutters come in natural wood, recycled faux wood materials, and even roller shades, which play into the current eco-friendly window treatment styles.

Make the 2017 Trend Fit Your Style

The 2017 trend toward incorporating metals, organics, sustainable and natural materials help you create your own individual style which works with your home and furnishings. Slate, gray and neutral color schemes work well with the jewel tone, yellow and metallic gold. The layering trend only diversifies the look of the natural lighting while appealing to your eye and sense of individuality.

Natural lighting is always a preferred commodity and window treatments layered or brought to brilliance by your window treatments while being eco-friendly and sustainable is the best in any year. Window treatment choice trends in 2017 joyfully combined with the neutral color wheel of the year brings the hope of a beautiful home for all. You want the look and the style that works best with your home. When you need to find the right style to fit your home and taste, contact us to schedule a free, in-home, consultation.

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