Few window treatments work well with as many different interior design styles as classic Venetian blinds. Whether you use them as a stand-alone window treatment in a modern or minimalist setting, or as a bottom layer with a pair of ornate draperies, Venetian blinds are always up to the task.

O’Hair Venetians for American-Made Quality

These days, it’s getting harder and harder to find quality American-made products of any sort, let alone American-made window treatments. But O’Hair Venetians are made in America, a fact that shows in their quality construction. First of all, they’re made from genuine American hardwood and feature slats that are amazingly thin at just 1/8 of an inch, yet incredibly stable. Furthermore, the slat spacing boasts an amazing 3 – 4 inches. Taking a cue from quality musical instrument makers, the folks at O’Hair achieve this by employing a bookmatched process in which the wood is divided into parallel sections, counter-rotated  and bonded. This creates symmetrical grain patterns, similar to those in heirloom musical instruments. The process not only results in superior strength, but it also produces a product that’s incredibly resistant to warping. (Warping is an issue with many hardwood blinds, and once they warp, they lose the ability to keep a room dark and private when in the closed position.)

O’Hair is committed to quality, and to ensure the quality of their thin slat Venetian blinds, they put the slats through some pretty tough testing: They took a stack of 8′ long slats and stood them up against a wall leaving them with a severe 45 degree bend, then walked away from them for over a year. When they finally laid them down to inspect them, they found them as straight, flat and even as they day they were made! Now that’s quality! Testing like this is an important part of the process of introducing a new product because they won’t put the O’Hair name on anything that doesn’t perform to their expectations.

O’Hair is Committed to Keeping Kids Safe

With many Venetian blinds on the market today, cords pose a serious safety threat to young children (and pets). Sadly, too many children become entangled in them, and suffer serious and even fatal injuries. That’s why you won’t find a cord of any lenght on O’Hair Venetian blinds. Instead of cords, O’Hair uses bead-chains that are conservative in length, and mounted no less than 4 feet off the floor — safely out of the reach of young children.

Backed by a Great Warranty

O’Hair is so confident in the quality of their thin slat Venetians, they back them with a generous five-year warranty — one of the very best warranties in the business! Under their warranty, O’Hair will arrange for repair or replacement of components of their Venetian blinds at no cost to you, excluding normal wear and tear or any modifications made to the blinds.

Looks That Match the Quality

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better looking Venetian blind than an O’Hair thin slat Venetian. They compliment any room in your home — bedroom, living room, dining room or kitchen — with a handsome, classic look that’s as versatile as it is beautiful and long-lasting.

Just Blinds in Montgomery, Alabama, is proud to include O’Hair’s thin slat Venetian Blinds among our many fine window treatment offerings. We’ve been serving Central Alabama for more than three decades with quality window treatments and expert installation. Our excellent customer service includes free on-site consultations, expert measuring, and professional guidance, and is one of the things that’s made us the premiere window fashion retailer in the region. Let us show you our beautiful selection of O’Hair Thin-Slat Venetian Blinds or some of our other fine window treatments, and help make your windows look as beautiful as the rest of your home! Contact us online or give us a call at (334) 361-2994 today!

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