Selling your home is a stressful endeavor. In addition to having to come to terms with the fact that you will soon no longer live in a place that has provided you comfort for years, you also have to make sure that you get the most possible value out of your residence. After all, you are probably moving to a different location where you are simultaneously experiencing the same situation from the opposite perspective.

Just how you get the most value out of your home is the subject of much discussion. From improving your curb appeal to perfectly staging your living areas, a lot of little items can have a big impact in the way potential buyers perceive the house and react to it as they decide on whether it’s the right fit for them. Why should you go custom? Because it can make a crucial difference in the eyes of any potential buyer.

A Positive Return on Investment

When you stage your home for sale, your first instinct maybe to spend as little money as possible. And that makes perfect sense: after all, you are trying to maximize the value of the home, not spend even more money for minimal return.

Custom blinds and window treatments, however, can significantly impact the value of your home in a positive way. Especially if the house features odd-shaped windows, such as a picture window or a domed window, you want to make sure that the treatment fits absolutely perfectly. If you don’t, you risk cognitive dissonance from buyers who are looking for the perfect home but see only imperfect matches.

You will pay a bit more upfront than you would with a standard blind from a big box retailer. But in return, you’ll get a beautiful treatment for your windows that your buyers will be sure to notice.

The Perfect Staging Tool

Notice from your buyers, ultimately, is the key. The average home buyer will walk through 5-10 houses before making the decision on which they should buy. They’ll chose the homes they walk through based on price, general features, and exterior appearance.

That means that when potential home buyers walk through your home, they will have seen or are about to see a number of others very similar to it. Setting yourself apart from your competition becomes absolutely crucial. And often, a single feature can make the difference in what is ultimately an emotional decision.

Think about it: whether your home features roller shades or plantation shutters, motorized blinds or anything else, you want them to stand out positively. And if you can tell your buyers that the blinds come with a lifetime warranty, you’ll communicate an aura of quality and high standards that flows into their impression of the house as a whole.

Small Changes can Make a Big Impact

You probably don’t think of window treatments on the deciding factor of a house hunt. And it’s true that buyers don’t typically say that they bought a home because they liked its blinds. But subconsciously, the choice of blinds communicates quite a bit about your home as a whole.

That’s what makes staging your home the right way so important. First impressions matter, and blinds are often the first thing potential buyers see before and as they are walking through your home. Small changes like custom blinds that match the decor and the shape of your window perfectly can make a big impact in how your audience perceives the house as a whole.

In short, custom blinds are and should be a crucial part of your consideration in maximizing the value of your home before selling it. To learn more about how we can help you, and to schedule a personal consultation about what treatments might be the best fit for you, contact us.

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