Like anything else in your home, no matter how diligent you are about caring for your current window treatments, the time will come when they become tired-looking, or just plain outdated. Blinds that are sagging or shades with frayed ends are dead giveaways that it’s time to start shopping for replacements! Here are some others reasons for new window treatments…

Problems with Older Window Treatments

Like virtually everything we buy, eventually window treatments — even really good quality ones — wear out or go out of style. Here are some tell-tale signs that it’s definitely time to replace your window treatments

  • Blinds with warped or bent slats
  • You’re having difficulty raising and lowering blinds or roman shades
  • Blinds with slats no longer close all the way
  • Blinds with fraying cords or yellowed/discolored slats
  • Exposed cords that are unsafe for kids and pets
  • Window treatments that look like something your mom had in the ’70s
  • Frayed edges on fabric or roller shades
  • Drapes that have yellowed, faded or pilled
  • You just got some new windows and your old window treatments don’t fit or just look blah on your nice new windows

Here are some great alternatives to consider …

Woven Wood Blinds

Ever notice that woven wood blinds show up in a majority of homes featured in magazines? Good quality woven wood blinds are worth the investment because they’re literally a classic style that work well with a multitude of styles from modern to traditional to rustic. They’re a favorite with interior designers for just that reason!

Roman Shades

Soft roman shades are another classic window treatment that stand the test of time in terms of style. They’re perfect for those who prefer the softness of fabric with the versatility of a blind or a shade at an affordable price.

Roller Shades

If you hear “roller shades” and think of a plain white shade, think again! Roller shades are available in a wide variety of fabrics, both solid and textured. You can get nearly transparent roller shades, room darkening roller shades, and virtually every opacity in between the two! They’re elegant, simple, easy to use, and easy on the eye! Another plus? They’re a safe option if you have small children or pets!

Cordless Cellular Shades

Another safe option for kids and pets are cordless cellular shades. Not only do they look great on your windows, but you can choose between different opacities for the light-filtering you want, or even choose a “blackout” option for total privacy, easier T.V. viewing and better afternoon naps! Another plus? Because of their honeycomb construction, they’ll keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, too!

Wooden Blinds

For timeless beauty that’s worth the investment, it’s hard to beat real wooden blinds. They last for years, provide privacy and exude quality. They’re beautiful on their own in a modern setting, or you can top them with valances (which can be shirred, tailored, smocked, etc.) or elegant draperies in a more traditional setting. And because they’re custom-fit to your windows, they lend an elegant, tailored quality that’s difficult to match.

Motorized Window Treatments

Whether you choose drapes, cellular shades, traditional wooden or faux wooden blinds, you can upgrade to a motorized version for convenience on high windows and for the ultimate in safety for small children and pets. Open and close your bedroom window treatments from the comfort of your bed with the touch of a button or the flick of a switch!

If your window treatments have seen better days, you’re redecorating a room and they just don’t “go” with its new style, or you’ve had them for so long that you’re just tired of looking at them, why not replace them and update the look of your bedroom, living room, dining room or kitchen? The choices are endless and with options like room darkening linings, cordless blinds and motorized window treatments, you’ll move your older home into the 21st century or give the windows in your newer home the finishing touches that take them from “nice” to “wow!”.

If you’ve decided it’s time for new window treatments in one or more rooms in your Central Alabama home, contact us at Just Blinds, the premiere window treatment source serving the region for more than three decades!

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