If you’ve never had custom-designed blinds in your living space, but are looking at the possibility of including them in your home, there a plenty of good reasons to do so! Choosing to include custom-designed blinds in your house or apartment offers multiple benefits that you can’t always get with ready-made blinds. And in this post, we will take a look at the top five reasons why choosing to design your home with custom-made blinds is such a great idea.

  1. You Can Get The Blinds You Want: Too often, when homeowners choose to dress their windows with ready-made blinds, they are limiting themselves on design options. But when you choose to go the route of custom-made blinds, you have endless interior design possibilities. You will be able to work with professional designers on blinds that suit your tastes and are truly representative of your own personality and style. After all, your window blinds are like clothing for your windows. If you wouldn’t buy clothes for yourself that you weren’t thrilled about, why would you purchase blinds you didn’t love? When you go custom, you can be guaranteed you’ll get the right blinds to complement the rest of your interior design set up.
  2. You Have More Choices: You have substantially more choices when you dress your windows with custom-made blinds instead of ready-made blinds. Everything is in your control. You are able to pick the color that you want, the fabric, the finishes, the textures, and decide on every other factor that goes into designing blinds. You get the reward of having your own personal touch infused into the blind designs and that is something you simply can’t get when you opt for a ready-made window product.
  3. A Higher Quality Product: In general, a custom-designed product is almost always better and of higher quality than a ready-made product. Because it isn’t generic—it is literally a one-of-a-kind piece, there is more work, care, and detail put into the design of the product. If you want to get blinds that don’t just fit your style, but also meet your standards of quality, go with a custom-designed blind. Higher quality blinds also means having a product that is more durable and will last you longer, thus being a better investment of your money.
  4. It’s a Simpler Process Than You Think: At first glance, the idea of purchasing ready-made blinds could seem more appealing than getting custom blinds because the process seems quicker and simpler. But the reality is that custom blinds typically save you more time and cut down on potential hassles. For example, if you purchase ready-made blinds and go home to install them, they might not meet the measurement requirements for your windows like you thought they would. But with custom blinds, every little detail is carefully reviewed, you will get blinds that fit your window size perfectly, and the experts are handling all of the dirty work and anything else that might be confusing or stressful. Ultimately, deciding to purchase custom blinds is a safer, quicker, and more rewarding process.
  5. You Get Something Unique For Your Home: Your home is your home. It is your place to rest, be safe, and enjoy what is yours. So why would you want something generic in your home that is exactly the same as what someone else has in their home? With custom-made blinds, you get something that is uniquely yours and thus adds more charm and character to your home. Achieving a unique, quintessentially “you” design is much more realistic when you choose custom blinds.

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