Why Bamboo Shades Are an Excellent Window Covering

When you move into a new home, one of the main decisions you have to make is your type of window treatments. With all the various window covering materials and styles, it can be confusing when trying to find the best ones for a home. However, you can’t go wrong with bamboo shades as they offer a wide range of benefits. Although bamboo shades have been around for many years, it’s only recently that they’ve surged in popularity. Here are some of the main benefits of bamboo shades, along with a few considerations and warnings.Continue reading

Why You Should Choose Cellular Shades for Your Home

Cellular shades are also called honey comb shades, and are some of the best window treatments. They are the most energy-efficient window treatment. The simple elegant look is lovely with many of the decors in style today. They have the optional motorized control, and TopDown BottomUp opening. Here are eight reasons you should choose cellular shades for your window treatments.Continue reading

Getting Exactly What You Want With Custom Blinds

Windows are a very important part of any home. Whether you live in an apartment or a stand-alone home, windows obviously function to let in light and air. However, you can’t leave them uncovered, and need to have some control over that function.

But what happens if you simply cannot find the right fit or style for your windows? That’s when you go custom.Continue reading

How to Choose: Single Cell or Double Cell Shades

Cellular shades are an excellent choice for window treatments, adding stylish looks to your windows and so much more. They are energy-efficient, and provide a good insulating effect against noise. The intuitive lift system for mechanically raising and lowering them makes them an even nicer option. You can even choose shades that will open at the top for more light while keeping the bottom closed for privacy, or open the bottom to see the view. So now the question is: Do you want single cell or double cell shades?Continue reading