Cellular shades are an excellent choice for window treatments, adding stylish looks to your windows and so much more. They are energy-efficient, and provide a good insulating effect against noise. The intuitive lift system for mechanically raising and lowering them makes them an even nicer option. You can even choose shades that will open at the top for more light while keeping the bottom closed for privacy, or open the bottom to see the view. So now the question is: Do you want single cell or double cell shades?

The Difference

Cellular shades consist of honeycomb shaped cells, and the difference between double and single is in how the cells align to one another.  A single cell shade has one row of cells, and these cells are stack one atop the next. This gives you a shade that is a single layer of cells wide. A double cell shade has an offset pattern of cells with the second row of cells nestled into the space of the indents in the first pattern. This gives you a two cell thickness between the room and the window.

Reasons for a Single Cell Shade

You want a clean uncluttered look to your shades. While both single cell and double are elegant window dressings, the single cell configuration gives a neater appearance to your windows. This is in part because the double cell shades have smaller cells, which means you have more of them. This creates a look that is somewhat busier than the single cell option. The single cell shades with their larger cells has a simpler style and a cleaner look.

You want the most economical option. The single cell shades are simpler in style, requiring less fabric and time in their production. This takes less time and material than the double cell variety, and therefore they are the more affordable choice. The blackout single cell shades provide great lighting control and privacy, while providing you with a good energy efficiency. This makes the single cell shades an economical option for a budget conscious buyer.

Reasons for Double Cell Shades

You want the greatest noise reduction. Cellular shades with their honeycomb shape provide an insulating value similar to double pane windows. By using trapped air as an insulator, they give a good barrier against noise. This feature gives cellular shades the best rating for controlling sound. Both single and double cell options have sound absorbing qualities.  Of course, that means the double cells provide you with much more of this sound control than the single cell shade. So if you live in a noisy neighborhood, the recommendation is for the double row shades.

You want the best possible energy efficiency. Just as the honeycomb shape cells provide insulation against noise, they also give you excellent protection to keep heat where you want it.  That is out in the hot summer months and inside during the cold winter months. While single cell shades are good at providing a barrier to keep the heat where you want it, the double cells are much more efficient. The over-lapping design of the double cells increases the efficiency of the shades greatly, making them the best possible answer for energy savings.

Both the single and the double cell shades are elegant window treatments. They both offer energy efficiency and help control sound. Whether you want the very best sound and noise control, or a more simple aesthetic look we have the shades that will fit your style and needs. At Just Blinds, we look forward to helping you choose the very best cellular shade options for your home and lifestyle. Contact us to schedule your free on-site consultation, so we can answer all your window treatment questions.

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