Cellular shades are also called honey comb shades, and are some of the best window treatments. They are the most energy-efficient window treatment. The simple elegant look is lovely with many of the decors in style today. They have the optional motorized control, and TopDown BottomUp opening. Here are eight reasons you should choose cellular shades for your window treatments.

1. Light Control and Privacy

You have complete control over your light control and privacy level with cellular shades. The shades fit snug to the window and eliminate the gaps of light that usually occur between the shade and the window sill. This makes the room dark when you want. With a TopDown BottomUp cellular shade you can open the shade from either the top or the bottom. Now when you want light in and privacy, bring the top down enough for light to enter and up enough for your privacy. When you don’t need the privacy and want more light, open the shade from the bottom up.

2. Energy Efficiency

The design of the cellular shades traps air in the long honey comb shaped cells. This trapped air creates an insulation layer between the window and the room. This insulation feature of the shades keeps the heat where you want it, out in the summer and in during winter. This is the reason that these charming shades have the best rating for efficiency.

3. Sound Absorption

Just as the insulating factor of the shades keeps heat where you want it, it also absorbs sound. The air pockets in the shades traps part of the sound and makes the room quieter. This is a feature that is nice with children. It is also especially good at keeping a good part of the outside noise from entering the house.

4. Sleek Design

Professionally installed cellular shades fit tighter to the window than any other window treatment, and the shades have head rails that are unobtrusive. When opened from the bottom up to the fully open position, the shades stack tightly against the rail, which allows an unobstructed view through the window. Not only are these shades designed well, but Skandia’s cellular shade collection has a wide selection of stylish fabrics that offer varying levels of privacy and light control. For more natural light, there are an array of distinctive light filtering patterns. For more light control and privacy, choose a fabric that will limit the light that comes in. There are even several blackout fabric patterns for the greatest light control.

5. Flexible Applications

You can have cellular blinds in any area of your home. There are vertical cellular shades for sliding glass doors and larger windows, and even work well on skylights. Because the shades are custom-made they can even work for you odd-shaped windows such as arches and trapezoids.

6. Motorized and Cordless Applications

Almost every pattern we offer is compatible with a cord-free or motorized lift system. The benefits of this include convenience, safety, and beauty. You can even have your motorized shades work from a solar battery pack, for the best in energy-efficient window treatments.

7. Child Safety

Cords pose a risk for animals and small children, not only to tear up the shades but also to injure themselves. Exposed lift cords can wrap around the child or animal’s neck and cause strangulation. Our cordless shades are the perfect answer for the safety of our little darlings.

8. Double Shades

The cellular shades come in single or double-cell configurations. The single shades are a single layer of cells thick, with one cell perfectly above the next. The double shades are a double layer thick, but the second layer perfectly meshes to the space between the first cells. This means that the places where the single shades are thinner matches to the thicker part of the next layer. This gives you an excellent addition to your insulation factor. This will not only give you more energy efficiency, but also increases the sound absorption factor. If you need more insulation, this is the shade for you.

At Just Blinds, we look forward to helping you choose the very best cellular shade options for your home and lifestyle. Contact us to schedule your free on-site consultation, so we can answer all your window treatment questions.


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