When looking for window treatments, chances are you consider both design and functionality. Plantation Shutters are the ideal covering marring a personalized and stylish look with blocking the sun out in ways that help you save energy and optimize your space.

In the course of your research, you might ask yourself whether plantation shutters are still in style. It is true that some interior designers shy away from them. That said, the majority still loves them, and that doesn’t even consider the countless homeowners who could not be happier. In other words, the answer is a clear YES. Here’s why.

A Classic, Simplistic Look

Above everything else, plantation shutters have a significant benefit working for them: they’re subtle. Unlike many alternatives available for your windows, this option allows you to cover your windows effectively and without distracting from the overall look of the rooms in which they feature.

The reason for this subtlety is simple. Plantation shutters tend to come in white, and fit perfectly within your window frame. They’re not the defined statement pieces that some of their alternatives tend to be.

But don’t mistake subtlety for a lack of style or popularity. Because of their understated beauty, plantation shutters are particularly popular within modern homes that emphasize clean lines and simplicity. They’re subtle, but they can still make a statement.

Adding to the Movement Towards Wood

In your home, plantation shutters communicate one thing above all: elegance. Their classic wood or faux wood look is designed to add toward a larger interior design trend you might have become aware of: the movement toward using more exposed wood in interior design.

Increasingly, home owners across the nation are looking to bring the outside into their home through exposed wood. The classic, white look of plantation shutters can add to that trend, but without distracting from the wooden beams or furniture you are looking to highlight.

They are, in other words, the perfect support for both modern and classic design styles.

Don’t Forget About the Energy Savings

Let’s face it: part of the question whether plantation shutters are still stylish also comes down to function. Sure, you won’t install functional window treatments in your rooms of choice if they don’t look good. But at best, you are looking for a marriage between function and style.

That’s especially true considering the increased need for energy-friendliness and sustainability. Both for the sake of your community and environment and because of your electricity bills, you need to find window treatments that save on both heating and cooling costs.

As it turns out, that’s exactly what plantation shutters can do. They offer great efficiency ratings, helping to maintain interior temperatures even in summer and winter. Add that functionality along with the perfect fit to the style benefits mentioned above, and it’s easy to see why plantation shutters are still in style today.

Where do Plantation Shutters Make Sense?

Of course, you might not want to use this type of window covering for every room in your home. Instead, consider the rooms in which plantation shutters make particular sense.

Your kitchen, for example, could benefit from shutters that allow easy views to the outside without sacrificing style of convenience. Your bedroom, on the other hand, can benefit from the insulation and ability to shut out sun light early in the morning.

But ultimately, this type of interior shutter can work in any room in your house. And because it is still and will remain in style for the foreseeable future, it’s a smart investment into your home. To learn more about our plantation shutters, and how they can help turn your home into a interior design masterpiece, contact us.

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