Outdoor spaces have increased in value and appreciation, and now they are getting a decor of their own. With the increase in outdoor kitchens, we see the increase of outdoor spaces that really need as much care as the indoor ones. If your outdoor space is screened in or otherwise protected, you really could use some shades. 

Uses of Sunshades

Shades increase your shade and by doing so decrease the temperature of the area. They also protect your furniture, allowing you nicer options for your outdoor comfort. They even provide you privacy when you want it for your outdoor areas. They do all this beautifully, adding a stylish accent to your outdoor entertaining space. At Just Blinds, we carry just the shades for making your outdoor space perfect for whatever you want it for. They are from Weather Queen Shades.


Of course the primary purpose of your sunshade is shade. The summer sun is hot when it beats down on you, and without relief you would not be comfortable outside. However, you do not always want shade. There are times of day, such as early morning and evening-time that shade is not an issue. There are also seasons that require little if any shade, except perhaps for protecting outdoor furniture from fading. During these times, you simply raise the shade up and enjoy the sunlight. It really is just as simple as any indoor window treatment, only for outdoors.

Protection for Furniture

Sunlight fades and reduces the life of many surfaces, especially anything made of cloth. Your outdoor furniture usually has pads or cushions that will fade and break down with constant exposure to sunlight. Also, if your outdoor area is screened in or otherwise protected, your screens will protect the area from wind and rain. By keeping the area dry, you can increase the choices you have in decorating it. This also increases the amount of time you can comfortably use your outdoor area. It becomes more like an extra room, one that is comfortable much of the year.


This is especially nice when you are having a quiet cozy evening, or relaxing in a hot tub. This measure of privacy truly makes your outdoor space into part of your home. Without these screens, you usually have to retreat indoors for any reasonable expectation of not being seen by a neighbor. These are so nice that you can use a screened in porch for a bedroom when the temperature is nice and enjoy the pleasures of camping without leaving home … or roughing it.


With outdoor decor coming out in style, you want your shades as lovely as the rest of it. These roman style shades are the perfect style for your outdoor space, with so many colors available. You will certainly love the look of these shades when they are down, and hardly notice them when they are up. There is no problem lowering the shades even when the sun gets hot or the weather is turning bad with a screened in area, because the controls for the shades are on the inside.

Weather Queen Shades

The manufacturing company is in Wisconsin, where the weather is extreme. These shades are not only good for summer sun, but also anything winter can throw at it. Storms and wind are not a problem when we professionally install them for you. This design is so good, the owner of the manufacturing company made the second set for them-self. The first set was for a client that had indoor window treatments made, and wanted something for a screened in porch.

At Just Blinds, we know you want the very best in style and comfort for your home. These lovely sunshades bring you the best of both of these for your outdoor areas. For more information on this or treatments for your windows, contact us today.

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