NEWSFLASH: Designers in the know report that vertical blinds are not only still in style — they’ve actually never been “out” of style! True, they were “big” news in the ’80s, but they’ve evolved over the decades, and like their horizontal relatives, they are considered classic — not to mention practical!

A Natural for Sliders and Extra-Wide Windows

Sliding glass doors are always challenging where window treatments are concerned, and today’s vertical blinds, which are more accurately described as sliding panels, solve the problem beautifully. Plus, thanks to gravity, they don’t collect dust like horizontal blinds do; instead, dust falls to the floor in between the slats where you can simply vacuum it away.  Refinements in operation and more color choices (even wood!) make them amenable to many design styles, too. Hunter-Douglas makes some particularly beautiful and functional vertical blinds …

Hunter-Douglas Version of Verticals — Gliding Window Panels

In case you were wondering how to make a style statement with vertical blinds, check out the links below showing rooms featuring Hunter-Douglas’ Gliding Window Panel vertical blinds …

  • These black gliding window panels, a super-modern version of traditional vertical blinds, look elegant and refined in this ultra-modern living room.
  • A modern entry uses wooden vertical blinds on a large expanse of glass, playing off the vertical paneled front door.
  • Soft ivory-colored gliding panels perfectly complement the contemporary lines in this modern living room, imparting a calm atmosphere. For smaller windows, there are cord-operated or wand-operated versions available in addition to the motorized option. The wand-operated versions eliminate looped cords completely, making them a safe option for homes with small children and pets.
  • The use of extra-wide gliding panels in a bamboo-like fabric are the perfect touch in this Asian-inspired bedroom.

Save Energy (and Money!)

Modern vertical blinds can save energy by blocking strong sunlight on a hot day, thus easing the burden on your air conditioning. At the same time, keeping vertical blinds closed on a sunny day will also protect your furniture, carpets, hardwood floors and artwork from fading caused by the sun. (Hunter-Douglas Gliding Window Panels offer at least 75% protection from harmful UV rays.)

By the way, that light blocking ability is also fantastic in a home office, where glare from the sun can be a real problem when you’re trying to work on your laptop or tablet.

Limitless Styles

At one time, all vertical blinds looked essentially the same, but all that has changed. Today, there are seemingly endless options — from different sizes, shapes, colors and textures — to make finding the perfect modern vertical blinds for your needs and tastes a breeze. Hunter Douglas’ gliding window panels are a great example! So if you were thinking of vertical blinds just in terms of the earliest versions seen in offices in the 1980s, think again!

Easy Maintenance

As mentioned, vertical blinds don’t collect dust. They’re also easy to clean should they ever need it, and they’re durable enough to last for more than a decade! (That’s not a claim that many other window treatments can match.) Talk about getting great value for your money!

Complete Privacy

Not many window treatments, short of blackout options, can offer the same level of privacy as vertical blinds can. That’s one reason that many people choose them for their bedrooms.

Check out the great selection of vertical blinds — including Hunter Douglas Gliding Window Panels — at Just Blinds in Montgomery, Alabama. We’ve been serving the window-dressing needs of Central Alabama for more than three decades! Contact us today to learn more about vertical blinds or virtually any other window treatment you can imagine!

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