A lot of active property owners have entered the exciting world of house flipping, which is the process of buying old or inexpensive houses, renovating them, and selling them for a much higher price and profit. The amount of profit a flipper makes is based on the difference in buy and sell prices, minus the cost of the repairs themselves. In many cases, the homes that get flipped are old or damaged and need a great deal of refurbishing to bring them up to modern residential standards. However, some homes are left to languish on the market simply because they are seen as unattractive, and blinds can have an impressive effect on this perception.

Interior Design for Empty Rooms
Flippers can save on refurbishing costs and make a tidy profit by applying a little interior and exterior design know-how in order to transform a comfortable but ugly house into something unique and beautiful. One of the best ways to show off a home, even an empty one, is with literal window dressings. Custom blinds add class and personality to a renovated residence, making homes intended for sale more appealing to prospective buyers.

Inspiring the Imagination
The reason many homes are sold with pictures of the rooms filled with furniture is to help buyers imagine their domestic lives in each property. When choosing a new residence, people want to visualize their future experiences in each property in order to determine if it will suit their lifestyle. Because of this, no one wants to see a house with uncovered windows, which give the impression of vacancy.

While any window coverings are better than none, you may notice that houses with custom blinds and curtains, even empty of furniture, create a more welcoming and cozy feeling by suggesting that there was a loving homeowner before who simply forgot to take their curtains with them. This invites the new buyers to wonder about the lives and experiences of previous owners while imagining their own future within the home.

Out With the Old
When dealing with a house that was left empty due to an unattractive design, it’s important to identify what aspects you can change to transform the impression of each room and those old mini-blinds are not helping. If you want to change how a room appears, one simple way is to change the windows. Custom blinds or curtains are a wonderful way to hand-craft the effect of a window space on any room by controlling the apparent shape and size of the window along with light level and quality.

Dozens of Options
The kind of blinds you choose will shape how people view the room. Dark wood blinds will create a somber, office or library effect while bright, cheerful curtains can make even a large home feel like a cozy cottage. There are dozens of blinds, curtains, and materials to choose from when creating your flipping design and custom crafting services allowing you to use the exact blinds your house flipping design requires. From sturdy plantation shutters to classic roman shades, the only limits are material and imagination.

At Just Blinds, we understand the needs of homeowners, flippers, renters, and even businesses for beautiful custom blinds and draperies. While there are plenty of products available for immediate shipping, if you have an unusually sized window or a perfect design in mind, we’re more than happy to work with you to bring that beautiful window treatment to life. Whether you’re looking to spruce up an already impressive home or transform the appearance of one that has struggled on the market, Just Blinds is ready to serve all your window covering needs. For more information or to discuss a custom design, contact us today!

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