Custom Draperies: What Style Works For You?

Dressing your windows with store-bought, ready-made draperies can be a guessing game. In the opinion of many designers, you’re better off leaving them bare or making due with a shade for privacy until you can afford the “real deal” — custom draperies, which will fit your window the way they’re supposed to, hang correctly and look like no store-bought version ever could. But before you open up your checkbook, it pays to know what your options are, so we’ve put together a little primer on custom draperies to help you decide on the best style for your tastes, your window type, and your budget.Continue reading

Owning Your Office with Custom Window Blinds

Most businesses choose their commercial office space for the address, the spaciousness, and how well it suits the needs of their day-to-day activities. Some office spaces are new, some are old, some are built with wide open spaces and others are a labyrinth of private offices. Wherever you are leasing, one thing is for sure: The space wasn’t built for you, but you could make it yours. Offices are mostly built with a sort of bland generic design in order to accommodate the needs of a series of different businesses, and you are only the most recent. However, for as long as you are the occupant, your office space should reflect the company culture and the collective personality of the employees. One amazing way to completely transform an office space without remodeling is with custom window blinds.Continue reading

Designing the Perfect Blinds For Your Home

Your home is your castle. It is the one place in the world where you are the boss and can decide absolutely everything from how it’s decorated to what you do inside it. If you wanted to, you could nail all the furniture to the ceiling, then strap yourself in to read upside-down. While the look on visitor’s faces would be priceless, most people choose to exercise their in-home powers with beautiful interior design instead. If you’re one of these people and have put a lot of time and effort into choosing the right furniture, upholstery patterns, rugs, and wall paint, it would be a shame to forgo the opportunity to decorate your windows as well.  Continue reading

Why Solar Shades Are Perfect For Your Sunroom

If you  have a sunroom, you know the beauty of the space and all the amazing benefits that come with it. But perhaps you find that sometimes, the sunlight can be a little too much and cause your sunroom to get hotter than you’d like. Or, perhaps, you find that certain seats in the room just aren’t as functional due to the amount of light pouring through the windows. In that case, you need not worry. Instead, consider solar shades as your solution.Continue reading