Most businesses choose their commercial office space for the address, the spaciousness, and how well it suits the needs of their day-to-day activities. Some office spaces are new, some are old, some are built with wide open spaces and others are a labyrinth of private offices. Wherever you are leasing, one thing is for sure: The space wasn’t built for you, but you could make it yours. Offices are mostly built with a sort of bland generic design in order to accommodate the needs of a series of different businesses, and you are only the most recent. However, for as long as you are the occupant, your office space should reflect the company culture and the collective personality of the employees. One amazing way to completely transform an office space without remodeling is with custom window blinds.

Your Office Windows

Take a moment to really look at your office windows. All too often, the windows in our environment slip into the background. We know there are windows but don’t really remember anything about them. You probably have some sort of shades, but if you haven’t changed anything since moving in, those shades are mostly likely a set of old, grimy aluminum mini-blinds or possibly generic pull-shades. While you may not officially notice your blinds, ask yourself what kind of environment that creates and what kind of messages you’re sending to clients and employees. Your window treatments are an opportunity to shape your space and make a statement about company attitudes, but with default blinds that statement is currently “no comment”.

The Right Custom Blinds

When choosing new window treatments for your office, you want something that matches the personality and culture of the company as a whole. Consider not only what your motto is and how the employees interact, but also the kind of attitude and ambiance you want to create within your office. Are you folksy or formal? Serious or fun? Anachronistically charming or cutting-edge tech? However you define your company, there’s a way to convey it with window blinds.

Wood Slat Blinds

If your company is all about the book shelves and solid wood furniture, then beautiful dark wood blinds could be the perfect addition to your interior design. These add a touch of class and value to even the most generic space, making it clear that the occupants understand fine things and like to keep it practical.

Woven Wood Blinds

If your company likes a more naturalistic style and would like to bring some of that to the commercial office space, woven wood blinds are a great option. These are a stiff ‘fabric’ made from woven wood strands and function like cloth shades rolling up and down as needed. The soft natural colors and renewable material source should particularly please eco-friendly organizations.

Elegant Drapes

From law offices to advertising firms, sometimes a company culture has formed around a sense of elegance and aplomb. If your business aligns with this self-image, you may enjoy the appearance of long, beautiful draperies. Light, filmy drapes give the impression of a breezy beach while darker, heavier draperies will remind your employees and clients of wealth, quality, and beauty. For a combination look, you can even add elegant roman blinds behind the curtain for a lovely accent and additional control over indoor light levels.

Cozy Blinds

No matter where you are, HQ is where the heart is. Whether you’re in a cottage office or a 15th floor expanse, if your company culture is one of good neighbors, families, and children, you might enjoy decorating every window as if it were in a  cozy kitchen in a country home. With a combination of valances and cheery cloth draperies, you can create this effect in a way that is seldom seen inside a commercial office building.

High-Tech Blinds

Do you pride yourself on being at the cutting-edge of technology? Sleek and practical vertical blinds are a great way to cover your windows and even add privacy to a glass-walled conference room. Better even than that is the ability to smoothly open and close them with a remote control, adding that space-ship feel to any office.

No matter what kind of office you have, simply by changing your window blinds you can give your space an entirely new ambiance. While your employees and clients may have easily forgotten those old mini-blinds, you can create a workplace that will be both beautiful and unforgettable. Whether you want natural woven wood blinds, roman shades, or floor-length draperies, Just Blinds can create the perfect window treatments for your office. For more information or to start your consultation, please contact us today!

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