Dressing your windows with store-bought, ready-made draperies can be a guessing game. In the opinion of many designers, you’re better off leaving them bare or making due with a shade for privacy until you can afford the “real deal” — custom draperies, which will fit your window the way they’re supposed to, hang correctly and look like no store-bought version ever could. But before you open up your checkbook, it pays to know what your options are, so we’ve put together a little primer on custom draperies to help you decide on the best style for your tastes, your window type, and your budget.

Before you decide on a style, you’ll need to consider a few basics …

Stationary or Moving?

If you use shades or blinds to provide privacy when needed, a stationery drapery may be perfect for a layered look. However, if you’re using draperies alone, you’ll probably want a pair that moves, either manually or via a motor and a remote control, in order to open and close them at will.

Where Do You Want Them to Break?

This is custom-drapery lingo for “How long do you want them to be?” You may want them to stop at the point where the floor meets the wall, or you may prefer a “puddled” look, which is decidedly elegant, but probably not practical if you have a shedding pet!

Full or Tailored?

One of the advantages of ordering custom draperies is that you can opt for a fuller, more luxurious look. (Store-bought draperies are typically only twice the width of a window, whereas a custom drapery can be three or even four times wider for a richer, more voluminous appearance. Or, if you prefer a more modern or minimalist approach to decorating, you can have a more tailored drapery made in the fabric of your choice.

Once you’ve narrowed down your functional and general preferences, you can decide what type of draperies will best fit your design style …

Inverted Box Pleats

This is a great style for a couple, since inverted box pleats are neither too feminine nor too masculine. They have a nice, tailored look when closed, and stack nicely when opened, allowing beautiful hardware to take center stage!


Tie-Back draperies are a traditional style, so if you’re a lover of modern spaces, you probably won’t love them. If, on the other hand, you love all things classic and elegant, a nice pair of custom tie-backs may be just the thing for elegantly dressing a beautiful window while allowing you to take in a great view at the same time.


Do you love a romantic, ethereal look? Opt for flowing gauzy draperies that puddle on the floor or billow with the breeze through an open window.


Is your home more casual than formal? There’s no law that says your custom draperies must be long. Options such as roman shades offer the pattern and lining choices of custom-made draperies, but impart a decidedly relaxed look to a room. Another casual option is tab-top or tie-top draperies.

Benefits of Custom Draperies

Not only will custom draperies fit your windows perfectly, but you’ll have your choice of fabrics, colors, patterns and hardware. You’ll also be able to customize the lining, adding a blackout or thermal lining in lieu of a standard cotton or synthetic lining. You can even opt to forgo manually operated cords and have your custom draperies motorized, an option that’s not only more convenient, particularly with tall or expansive windows, but also safer in households with children or pets.

You’ll also have the benefit of professional installation by a drapery expert who knows all of the little “tricks” to make your new custom draperies look and function the way they should! (For example, did you know that it’s a good idea to leave one ring outside the bracket when installing ringed draperies? That little trick helps hold your draperies in place as you open and close them!)

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