If you are gearing up to put your home on the market, you might be trying to decide which upgrades will have the biggest impact on your home sale. One area that can be a quick upgrade and make your home look great are custom blinds. Anything that you can do to make your home look more modern and updated will appeal to potential buyers. Here are five ways installing custom blinds might actually help you sell your home.

1. A More Modern Feel

Depending on the blinds or curtains you have in your home at the moment, an upgrade might be in order. Going with lighter colors and blinds or shades that can let in light can make your home appear to be more spacious. If blinds go well with other updates such as countertops and paint schemes, this can bring your whole home together. It is a good idea to opt for a neutral tone throughout your home to attract more potential buyers, which should also include your custom blind choices.

2. Tying the Room Together

While new custom blinds might not be a feature of an open house, you don’t want older, ill-fitting blinds to distract potential buyers from the overall presentation of your home. Having blinds that fit your home perfectly can make these a seamless addition and fit in well with the overall decor of your home. Ready-made blinds are hard to fit perfectly to most frames, and even mass-produced blinds that can be cut down to fit can bow and won’t have as much of a finished look. If your custom blinds look like they belong there, potential buyers will feel at ease in your home and can focus on what the rest of your home has to offer.

3. Appealing Safety Features

There are new safety components that newer blinds and shades can offer that older curtains or blinds might not. If you have loose cords or bendable shades in your home at the moment, these potential safety issues can cause concern for buyers. Mass-produced blinds can have recalls and possible hazardous choking components. Custom blinds can be designed to incorporate child and pet safety which can be a feature to potential buyers. Custom blinds for kitchens should be made of materials that are resistant to humidity and fire, and is something that can be incorporated into an overall custom blind upgrade.

4. A Cleaner Look

While an overall deep clean of your home is in order before selling, there are certain areas of your home that might need more than just a clean. Just like repainting sections of your home, if your blinds have been in use for years, these might have stains, grime, and sun damage that can be nearly impossible to reverse. Replacing your old blinds with newer custom blinds can be an easy fix and make your entire home look cleaner and more like a new home, which will appeal to buyers.

5. Options to Let Light in

If you have heavy curtains at the moment to keep in the heat or keep out the sun, this can be a functional aspect of your current situation, but this won’t necessarily sell your home. If you can invest in bright custom blinds that can let in light during your open house, this will showcase both your blinds and your home’s location when it comes to letting in sunlight. This will make your home feel more spacious and look nicer than older curtains blocking out the light would be able to.

Anything that you can do to upgrade the interior of your home before selling will bring with it more interest from potential buyers. An easy upgrade can be custom-blinds that will modernize your home quickly and make your home look well cared for and custom fitted. If you are looking into custom blind options, contact us to get started.

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