Consider the natural options to compliment your windows, doors and interior design features with natural wood blinds. The array of design choices in natural wood blinds will pleasantly surprise you. High-quality wood blinds are the choice of discriminating customers. Let the warmth of natural wood engulf you in your surroundings.

Natural wood cannot be beaten. The luxurious look of natural wood is often imitated, but nothing beats the texture and random grain intertwined in the look of real wood.

Insulation qualities of natural wood are unequaled by imitation materials. Natural wood blinds provide nature’s ability to insulate against cold and heat to allow comfort as well as beauty.

The aesthetic qualities of natural wood speak for themselves. Open your beautiful blinds to let light and the outdoors in or close the blinds to see the natural wood and warm indoor light. When closed, natural wood blinds give the visual effect of warmth and richness which imitations only hope to match.

Light weight, versatile, and durable natural wood qualities are worth the high price point associated with ‘natural’ products. Wood is the only material nature creates with such versatility in window treatments.

Nature’s unique design is the ultimate original creation. Imitation or ‘faux’ wood products are beautiful and less expensive, but when quality and richness is required to enhance and match your interior space and furnishings, natural wood cannot be matched.

Customizable lengths of 1-inch or 2-inch slats (or larger!) are available in horizontal or vertical blind options. Creative directional features are available to customize wooden blinds to go with your home design ideas.

Easily stained or painted to match all interior decorations, natural wood is a great material for customization. Light weight, grained wood holds paint and stain well. Customized stain and paint color are easier to match or coordinate to your lifestyle and taste.

Wood blinds are unsurpassed in adding a rich, textured, and luxurious look and feel to windows, doors, and interior spaces. Only nature randomly supplies the natural grain found in throughout each piece of real wood. Many imitation wood blinds follow a repeat pattern of grain, thus strengthening the idea of nature’s design is a true random grain effect.

Sought after interior designers consider natural wood as the material in highest demand. The request for wood emphasizes the importance of more people wanting softer, natural materials brought inside and incorporated within every room of the home.

Wood Blinds are Better

The cost of real wood blinds makes this an authentic luxury item. Due to the higher cost of wood blinds, it is recommended to seek out a professional company to help you decide on a product which is right for your needs. A professional is necessary to design, customize and install your beautiful blinds to ensure the right look, and location for each blind.

Customers in central Alabama rely on Just Blinds in helping them choose, customize and install window treatments for over 30 years. Partnerships with high-quality name brands, such as Hunter Douglas, Lafayette Interior Designs, Graber, and other reputable companies gives you peace of mind in the reliability of natural wood products. Our blinds materials are American Made products which are well made, trustworthy and sustainable.

When you want the best product, design, and blinds for you why not check out the local company with 30 years of experience. Enjoy a free consultation by the professionals at Just Blinds to begin enhancing your windows, doors, and living space with natural wood blinds. For any window covering needs, please contact us to find out what we have to offer for you.

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