Looking to change the look of a room or two for the cooler fall and winter months ahead? Your windows are a great place to start, and the latest trends in window fashions do not disappoint! Designers have some very definite ideas for freshening up your windows as the season changes from summer to fall …

“Zebra” (Transitional) Shades

No, it’s not the black and white zebra print you’re imagining, although they do give a nod to those wild creatures of the Serengeti. Zebra or transitional shades, as they’re also known, are a chic and contemporary way to control light and add a little fun to your windows at the same time. The concept? Alternating bands of solid and translucent fabric make these a cross between a traditional blind and a roller shade! Once you see them, you’ll fall in love!


Grays and beiges are coming on strong this season — in a soft, neutral sort of way, of course! These are the colors of calm and serenity, traits we can all use a little more of in our hectic lives! Both shades can contain little hints of color, too, as in rich blue-gray or beige with a touch of green. Whether you choose wooden blinds — which are now showing up with gray stains — warm, energy-efficient cellular shades, or traditional draperies or roman shades, you can’t go wrong with these soothing go-with-everything neutrals.

Cellular Shades

It’s no accident that cellular shades begin to trend when the seasonal change involves going from warm to cool. Cellular shades are insulating — just what you want to stay warm and cozy as the nights grow longer and the days grow chillier! And oh, by the way, they’re great looking too! With real functional value plus style and a variety of colors from which to choose, how can you go wrong?

Roller Shades

We’re noticing a trend toward shades — and we’re not just talking about the cellular variety. Roller shades are clean-looking, functional and available in a variety of colors and patterns. What’s not to like?

Silk Panels

While silk is a pricier option than some fabrics, there’s nothing like it for adding an air of elegance, sophistication and luxury to a room. Nothing drapes quite like silk, and nothing warms up a dull room better, either!

Organic Materials

Woven woods are big right now, and that’s a good thing since window treatments like bamboo blinds work with any decor from ultra-modern to formal to rustic and everything in-between. That versatility is what keeps them from ever really going out of style. They’ve been a designer favorite for years for that very reason. They also have a clean, yet warm look that doesn’t completely block your view of the outdoors, provide soft, diffused light, and yet offer more privacy than just a bare window.

A Move to Automation

In this age of electronic technology, it makes perfect sense to automate your window treatments to make opening and closing them as easy as pushing a button. And with today’s larger and/or taller windows, they’re essentially a necessity! Motorized blinds or curtains also make sense from a child safety standpoint because they eliminate dangerous looped cords which have caused injury and even death in both toddlers and pets. And don’t make the mistake of thinking that automation only works with high-tech looking window fashions. You can still go as warm and traditional as you like, and layering with high thread count cotton fabrics or luxurious silks and velvets is one currently trendy way to do just that!

Made in the U.S.A.

Yes, made in the U.S.A. is in vogue again, and you’ll find plenty of options for window treatments made with the attention to detail and quality that are the hallmarks of American manufacturing.

Just Blinds in Montgomery, Alabama has been serving Central Alabama clients for more than three decades. Why have we been around for so long? Simple. We offer the latest styles, technologies and trends, and we care about providing the kind of service every customer wants and deserves!

Contact us to learn more about our extensive line of window treatments with some of the best names in the industry, and find out for yourself what makes our customers come back whenever they’re looking for the latest styles and the very best quality around!


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