Motorized window treatments are the epitome of convenience and practicality. Not only are they the best option for today’s “walls” of windows, they’re also the safest option for families with children and pets.

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

In an age where we can communicate with far-away friends and relatives in an instant, and even — with the help of innovations like Skype — face-to-face, the notion of motorized window treatments is truly a fitting concept for the 21st-century home! We can control most, if not all, of the major systems in our homes, so why not afford ourselves the same capability for something as basic as a window blind or drapery?

Bringing a Classic into the Electronic Age

Take something as timeless as a window shade. It’s a window classic that’s been providing privacy in windows across the country for what seems like eons. Thanks to industry leaders like Lafayette, this classic window treatment can offer convenience, safety and technological ease — all at an affordable price!

Just as it was with the innovations of recent years such as personal computers and flat screen TV’s, technological advances have driven down the price of motorized window treatments so that what was once a luxury for a privileged few has become a practical option for the masses.

Eliminating Complicated and Costly Installations

Although hard-wired options are still available, this past April, Lafayette introduced their EZ Charge and Auto-Wand battery-powered 2.0 versions for Genesis® Custom Shades and Allure® Transitional Shades.

Keeping Our Kids Safe

For all of the convenience offered by motorized window treatments, perhaps their most compelling attribute is their ability to eliminate a safety hazard that has sadly hospitalized — and even ended the lives of — small children. We’re referring to the looped cord that is the operational key to many popular window treatments. It is all too easy for a toddler who’s just learning how to walk to stumble, as we all know. Unfortunately, many families have learned in the cruelest possible way that a misstep by a toddler near one of these looped cords can spell disaster in a matter of just a few short minutes.

Both affordable options from Lafayette Interior Fashions are Certified Best for Kids, so you can install them with complete peace of mind that your little ones and your family pets have one less household danger to contend with.

Warrantied and Simple to Operate

Lafayette’s motorized shades are not only affordable, they come with a 5-year limited warranty and are simple to operate. Auto-Wand , as its name implies, uses a simple wand control to raise and lower your Genesis® custom shade, while EZ-Charge ‘s variable speed control allows for quiet operation of up to 15 Allure® shades or groups of shades, either separately or simultaneously using a wall switch or an app interface.

Both options use a rechargeable lithium battery that offers 6-12 months of regular use on a single charge (under normal conditions). Both options eliminate the need for invasive installation wiring work, and an innovative electronic limit setting ensures that the shades will stop automatically at their highest and lowest points.

See Them in Action at Just Blinds

The window treatment professionals at Just Blinds are ready to demonstrate these great new motorized shade options and to answer any questions you might have about the products themselves, their operation or their warranties. Why not contact us today for a free on-site consultation? We’ve been serving Central Alabama for more than three decades and we’ve built a reputation for excellent customer service, fair prices and the very best quality window treatments available in the U.S.A. No matter what style you prefer, you can count on finding the perfect custom solution for your windows at Just Blinds!




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