The seasons are a great influence on our lives. With the change of seasons, we are often ready for changes in other places. We change colors in our clothes, the flavors for our food, and the decorations in our homes. So as we are transitioning from summer to fall, it is time to spice up our homes for the up-coming holidays. This doesn’t mean you need an abrupt change, a smooth transition is good.  

A Neutral Palette

For choosing new furniture, neutral colors a great. They are also in style, making their versatility even more attractive. The best thing about neutral furnishings is that they allow you to add your colorful touches in your accent pieces and decorations. This makes a room easily dressed up for seasons, holidays, and even events in your life that are worth decorating for.

Front Door

Fall wreaths are lovely this time of year, and so are decorative pumpkins. It is not quite time for jack-o-lanterns, but pumpkins that are not carved are good decorating features from now all the way to Thanksgiving. Mums are a great seasonal color touch as well, bringing in the reds, golds, and oranges of fall in a beautiful way. The mums and pumpkins can also continue their loveliness into the home as well.

Seasonal Scents

There is nothing that brings the essence of fall into your home faster than the spicy aromas of cinnamon, apple cider, and pumpkin. Fall candles not only make the space smell wonderful, but they dress up the room with their lovely fall colors. Not only that, but there is nothing more soothing than the flicker of candle light on those fall evenings.


Nothing is more cozy than a nice accent rug that dresses up the floor. An area rug brings the room together and helps the colors meld. Choose one with a pleasant blend of the colors you are decorating with, and it will bring the room together. You can even layer your area rugs for a mix of textures that will bring depth and texture to your room. Choose rugs with similar colors and differing textures and add some fun to your floors. Just make sure that the bottom rug pokes out from under the top one in a way you can enjoy both.

Accent Decor

These are the best places for quick changing colors. Throw pillows, decorative arrangements, and even wall art can easily be changed out and stored until the season comes around again. Bring out the pumpkin orange touches, splashes of red and gold, and the fall leaf patterns. Add some fall colored throw blankets to your living spaces, some fall colored table cloths or runners to your dinning table, and you can even change-up your bedding colors.

Outdoor Seating Areas

Don’t forget to add some charm to your patio, porch, or deck areas. Dress up these areas with a bit of fall color and style. If it is a protected area, this is a great place for some of those fall throws. If it is sunny, those mums would be great here also.

Window Treatments

When choosing your window treatments, choose neutral colors for those built-in features like beautiful plantation shutters or motorized window shades. However you can also have draperies or curtain panels that dress up the sides of your windows or make your windows feel larger in your room. These features are easily changed out. Choose a pastel set for spring, a bright set for summer, and spicy hues for fall and winter.

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