When it comes to home decor, it is the details that make the biggest difference in your style. Those accents are what dresses the room up and pulls it together. That is why we are offering products from the Surya home accents line. These bits of color and flair bring a room together in the most charming ways.


The colors in a room are often disconnected until you add the piece that ties them all together. Rugs are excellent at bringing all the colors of a room into harmony. By choosing a rug that matches your style in the colors of the room, those colors suddenly feel connected. This finishing touch is often the most important one for the room.


The purpose of the lamps is not just a matter of providing light to the room, but to add an interesting touch of style. The right lamp can add color, texture, and pizzazz depending on your choice. If you have decorated your room with neutral colored furnishings, the color added by the lamps and other accent pieces defines the room. This is a good place for having a bit of fun with your decor, especially now that lamps come in such interesting shapes and styles.

Wall Art and Mirrors

Another good place for bringing together the colors in a room is the art. Wall hangings and artwork come in so many colors and combinations of them. The art in a room sets the tone and the mood, from somber to happy or from serious to fun, your art is perfect at making your room come together. Choose pieces you love in colors you prefer.

Mirrors are some of the easiest ways to add a touch of elegance or fun to your decor. They go well almost anywhere, and they add a feel of openness to any space. If the room is small, the mirrors bring an illusion of space. If the room is dark, they add just a tad of brightness by reflecting back some of the color in the room and the light.

Accent Tables

There is no more useful bit of style than a well placed table. Anyone juggling a cup or glass in a room without side tables knows how great these pieces are. But they are more than just useful. These little bits of furniture are stylish little bits that add to the interesting feel of a room. Pick something with a shape or texture that brings an element of excitement or style to your space.

Benches and Poufs

Extra seating or a place for your feet is always a comfortable addition to a room. These little touches are a lot of fun and a good addition of color or texture. Tuck a bench into a small space and have seats for everyone when you need it. Poufs are good for sitting or putting up tired feet and tuck away easily into a corner or under a table till you want them. The bits of color and style they bring to a room is there even when they are out-of-the-way.

Outdoor Furniture and Accents

We have recently discovered that the porch, patio, and balconies are the best rooms of the house. With this in mind, we now have options on decorating those spaces with something more comfortable and more charming than before. We have several options for dressing up these spaces with stylish pieces and accents.

At Just Blinds, we believe that your home decor is important to your quality of life. As such, we delight in bringing you these charming accents for your home. Please, contact us for more information on how you can add these delightful bits of flair to your home today.

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