Whether you just built a new home or are looking to boost the elegance, adding exterior shutters can incorporate many great qualities to your property. While shutters definitely add a spark of visual appeal, architects are using them nowadays as decorative and practical. One of our hottest selling exterior shutter brands is O’Hair. Using only the finest materials to construct O’Hair shutters, rest assured knowing you are getting an American made, rock-solid product that will outlast temperature changes, pests, and inclement weather.

There are three different types of mounting available for exterior shutters including fixed, fully functional, and Bahamas mount. We’ll cover all the bases on these options, as well as dive deeper into the beauty, quality, and functionality exterior shutters can offer.


  • Fixed – Prepare yourself for some serious curb appeal! Fixed mounting can spruce up a boring house and transform into that of ultimate sophistication. Mounted directly to the outside wall with hardware, these shutters offer no functionality as they can’t open. If you’re strictly looking for a decorative purpose, a fixed mount is your best option.
  • Fully Functional – This is the most traditional method of mounting shutters. Allowing the shutters to close over the windows, and then open back to the sides of the windows. The hinges attach to the face of the shutter and then to the wall surface beside the window. Fittings mount on the bottom to prevent windy weather from swinging them wildly. Offering functionality and decorative aspects, this mount is a great solution and one of the most popular.
  • Bahamas – Just one glance at these beauties and you’ll feel like you’re staying at a fancy bed and breakfast right on the beach. Tropical climate homes benefit greatly from this type of shutter mount. It’s lightweight, controls levels of sunlight getting into the home, while at the same time allows a natural breeze to flow through. With minimal obstruction, these shutters provide privacy, comfort, and protection from sunlight ensuring to not fade floors or furniture. The hardware to mount angles the shutters away from the window allowing home owners to see out, without allowing anyone to see in. Windows lock down in place at any angle thanks to our brass reinforced tension system.

All of these shutter mounts are customizable to different heights (12” – 133”) to fit your exact needs. Our panels also range in sizes from (9” – 50”). Using computer controlled precision, screw-reinforced mortise-and-tenon-joinery on the frames, and permanently attached tilt rods to ensure superior installation.


All of our O’Hair shutters come custom finished painted with KEM Aqua BP Enamel. These are custom blended to match your existing decor colors. Stain finishes are also available if desired. Your home will be the talk of the town with our breathtaking designs and outstanding quality of work. Adding new shutters will give your home that elegant vibe you’ve always wanted. Character awaits you, see for yourself how you can transform your home today.


  • O’Hair shutters are made of American made hardwood
  • Precision milling and joinery
  • Gorgeous all-weather finishes
  • Pest, humidity, and temperature tested, shutters can withstand tough circumstances
  • Thermally heat-treated for longevity
  • Strong construction and attention to detail
  • Precise color matching of paints


  • Completely customizable to fulfill your needs
  • All the benefits of wood without the limitations
  • Impressive sizes to fit a wide range of windows
  • Protects house from weather/sun damage

Add character and protection to your home today. When you buy O’Hair, you’re investing in the highest quality hardwood shutter available on the market today. Unmatched sturdiness, customization, beauty, and functionality in a product you can trust. For an estimate or more information on O’Hair exterior shutters, contact Just Blinds today. We’re ready to answer any questions you may have about our products or services.

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