Handle Your Entire Interior Design Starting with Custom Drapes

The way you design the living spaces in your home will influence every day of your life. How you feel when you come home, how the light plays over your furniture in the mornings and afternoons, and even how comfortable you feel when relaxing in the evenings. While many people are happy with the random collection of furniture they accumulate over time, the best way to both create a pleasing interior design without replacing your existing furniture is with the power of accents. When the curtains on your windows, the pillows on your couch, and the rug on your floor all match, you can transform your living or bedrooms from the usual mix-and-match into something that looks like you hired a professional interior designer.Continue reading

4 Big Home Security Tips for the Holidays

While the most wonderful time of the year, the holiday season is also when many families reevaluate the security of their home. Besides the obvious (and, unfortunately, expensive) choice of a variety of home security systems, there is also a wealth of easy ways to ensure your abode stays safe, private, and secure at little cost. Here are our big 4 tips for a trouble-free holiday:Continue reading

Increase Your AirBnB Profits with Custom Blinds

While the term sharing economy accurately reflects the founding of AirBnB, there are a lot of property owners who are doing much more than offering a clean spare bedroom. ‘Whole unit’ booking has become a financially viable and quite popular alternative to renting investment properties. The amount you can make on your property contributes to important things like paying mortgage and your cleaning service. Ony after these expenses are made can you make a profit. Of course, everyone wants to make a bigger profit whether you’re booking your renovated basement or an entire suburban home. Because you are in the hospitality industry, the best way to increase your profits is to make the space more appealing.Continue reading

5 Ways to Gear Up For The Holidays

As we drift into holidays most of us know that our workload is about to increase significantly — thanks to the upcoming holiday seasons. There are just so many details to take care of from deciding on menus, preparing the house for overnight guests — not to mention for the big feasts and casual get-togethers to come. Then there’s brainstorming a gift list, shopping, wrapping decorating —- aaagh! It can all feel overwhelming if you let it. The secret is to make a concise list and then take care of each item on it over the coming weeks. Here are 5 things to be sure to put on that list …Continue reading

The Top 3 Most Popular Products at Just Blinds

At Just Blinds, we’re proud to offer an enormous selection of blinds, draperies, shades, and shutters, custom designed to suit your home and your preferences, because we know every house and the people who live there are different. We want you to be happy with your choice for years, so we work with you to find the perfect style and fit.

Despite the many options, there are a few products that people keep coming back to. They’re beautiful and convenient, and they go so well with a variety of interior design styles. Are one of our top three products on your next window treatment shopping list?Continue reading