While the term sharing economy accurately reflects the founding of AirBnB, there are a lot of property owners who are doing much more than offering a clean spare bedroom. ‘Whole unit’ booking has become a financially viable and quite popular alternative to renting investment properties. The amount you can make on your property contributes to important things like paying mortgage and your cleaning service. Ony after these expenses are made can you make a profit. Of course, everyone wants to make a bigger profit whether you’re booking your renovated basement or an entire suburban home. Because you are in the hospitality industry, the best way to increase your profits is to make the space more appealing.

A Personalized Experience

With AirBnB properties, part of the appeal of each location is the personal touch. Every listing is fully furnished and ready to be vacationed in, but this also shows the taste and style of the homeowner who decorated it. This creates a charming and much more personal effect than industrial-sized hotels with floors and floors of nearly identical rooms. When an AirBnB client is choosing a venue, they are looking not just for number of beds and privacy, but also for the quality and consideration put into the decor.

The Power of Blinds

The way the windows are covered says a lot about a space. Most people don’t live with uncovered windows, so a lack of blinds depicts vacancy. Plain white mini blinds are only one step above this. There is nothing less personal and cozy than default white mini blinds, and if your AirBnB photos feature them front-and-center this could be damaging your sales and pay rate. When we look at a room, the blinds mentally fall into part of the ‘background’ but we still see them and they influence the appearance of a space. Elegant, color-coordinated blinds show that the room was thoughtfully decorated to be both convenient and appealing. They are that extra touch demonstrating that you care about your clients and their experience as your guest.

Choosing New Custom Blinds

While throwing up any old curtains you have lying around is better than nothing, why not put some real consideration into the task? Ask yourself where the sun comes in and how much light your guests might want to allow in or block. The size of the windows and the way you’ve chosen to decorate the room should influence your decisions about the style, function, and colors of your custom blinds. Bedrooms tend to benefit from long, sweeping drapes unless you’ve got a short and tidy decorating style, in which case fabric or rolling shades might be a better option. With a few subtle accents like valances and cornices, you can tie the design of the entire house together by calling on secondary colors and patterns. If you don’t feel like dealing with fabric at all, wood blinds add a touch of class to any room and bring an elegant dark contrast to bright or pale decor.

Blinds have an amazing way of making an entire environment feel more appealing. Properly coordinated with your interior design, custom window treatments can enhance the ambiance of your AirBnB. Whether you are decorating for your spare bedroom down the hall or five different whole-unit investment properties, Just Blinds is ready to fulfill all your needs for custom blinds and window treatments. We pride ourselves in dedication to each unique project and will work closely with you to achieve the interior effect you’d like to achieve. When you have a high-quality set of blinds for every window that beautifully compliments your rooms, guests will both be more eager to stay in your listings and happy to pay you for the privilege. For more information about custom blinds or to order custom blinds for your property, contact us today!

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