The way you design the living spaces in your home will influence every day of your life. How you feel when you come home, how the light plays over your furniture in the mornings and afternoons, and even how comfortable you feel when relaxing in the evenings. While many people are happy with the random collection of furniture they accumulate over time, the best way to both create a pleasing interior design without replacing your existing furniture is with the power of accents. When the curtains on your windows, the pillows on your couch, and the rug on your floor all match, you can transform your living or bedrooms from the usual mix-and-match into something that looks like you hired a professional interior designer.

Of course, one of the reasons why most people don’t do this is because it’s hard to achieve when buying ‘this and that’ online and in home decoration stores, it’s hard to find things that match perfectly. But there is one fantastic trick to pull your entire interior design together with one custom order: window treatments. When you work with professional drapers who will make custom curtains, they can use the same fabric or tastefully matching designs for other accents for a quick, easy, and fun way to create a complete look.


Have you ever had curtains with a valance? To answer this question, it may help to know what a valance is. Valances are an extra, often slightly extended, layer of curtain over the top six inches to a foot of your curtains. They add shape and style and will hide the space where your curtains hang from the rod. Some premade curtains come with valances but with custom made drapes, you can choose both your drape fabric and the fabric for the valance which can match or be a different, accenting pattern instead. Just Blinds will also help you mount your valances so that they look perfect above your windows.

Sheer Drapes

Sheer drapes are another great way to add style, class, and light control to any room. If you like long, flowing drapes or even short, tidy ones, these can be strung on a separate rod or track right behind your normal drapes. Sheer drapes flow in the breeze and only block about 20% of the light, but they diffuse direct sunlight into a nice soft illumination for the room during the day and create a lovely layering effect with drapes that open in the center. With custom drapes, you can get sheer drapes of exactly the right color and size for your drapes along with help putting them up so they slide easily and separately from your drapes.


Another great way to control the light in a room is to pair your drapes with pull-down shades. These can be rigged up flat against a window while the curtains hang further out allowing you to use the curtains for decoration and thermal protection and the shades for detail light control during the hours when the sun tends to shine directly into eyes and reflect off of surfaces. You can even get cell shades that move up and down on a track to block exactly the section of window where the sun is shining in to leave you with some view.

Matching Rugs, Lamps, and Pillows

The final touch, the real way to pull everything together, is what happens when you’ve designed your drapes and are ready to match the rest of the features. Here at Just Blinds, you don’t have to stop at the window treatments. We have a comprehensive collection of rugs, pillows, lamps, wall art, throw blankets and much more. With this kind of selection, you can handle almost everything about your interior design except the paint and plumbing fixtures. To start your complete interior design plan, contact us today!

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