As you probably already know, the right window treatments can make a huge difference in the appearance and functionality of a room. One of the most popular trends in the custom window treatment industry is motorized window blinds.

Perhaps you’ve noticed motorized blinds in some of the hotels where you’ve stayed. Today, these window coverings are becoming increasingly more common in homes and offices. There are various reasons why so many homeowners and business owners prefer motorized blinds. Here are some of the main benefits of motorized blinds, along with a few considerations and warnings.

Ease of Operation                                           

The quality that almost all motorized blinds have in common is convenience, meaning they’re exceptionally easy to operate. Thanks to continued improvements in home automation, motorized blinds are becoming even simpler to use. Your thermostat can be easily programmed for keeping a home at optimal temperatures. Having window coverings motorized lets you operate your blinds by a remote control, a timer or a wall switch. In fact, you could even use a tablet or Smartphone, which makes these blinds incredibly convenient.

Protection from Harmful UV Sunrays

Sunlight streaming through windows can cause fading on furniture, floors, artwork, family photos and other furnishings. But this isn’t a problem when you have motorized blinds as they protect your household valuables from destructive sunlight that can age them.

Energy Bill Savings

If you’re concerned about the environment and reducing energy consumption, then consider motorized blinds. Because motorized blinds can block or let in light into rooms, they’re amazingly energy efficient. This means you can save money on your energy bill at the same time you’re making your home more comfortable and inviting. What’s more, by using a timer or sensor with your blinds, you can automate them.

Safety Benefits

Tragically, young children and pets have lost their lives because of strangulation from playing with window cords. In fact, 86 percent of window treatments that involve these accidents are mini-blinds or Venetian blinds. That’s why many parents and pet owners are installing motorized blinds as they’re cordless and safer for kids and pets.

Security Advantages

Many homeowners choose motorized blinds for security reasons. This is because a home that has motorized blinds can appear to have people living inside just by the shades moving up and down at various times of the day. In other words, this gives a home an actual lived-in look, even when homeowners are away from home.

Stunning Appeal

In addition to all their practical benefits, motorized coverings are just plain impressive, giving your home a fresh, updated appearance. The absence of ugly cords is one feature than makes them cosmetically appealing.

Better Utilization of Space 

Another significant benefit of motorized window blinds is that they can create more useable space even though they can’t physically enlarge a house or building. Maybe you’ve dreamed of having a home theater but don’t have enough room. By simply touching a button, a living room can have a dual purpose by also serving as a home theater.

Other Considerations and Warnings

  • Motorizing your window treatments can make your window coverings last longer and exceed a warranty. Think about how window treatments that operate manually can cause stress on their internal mechanisms.
  • By having motorized blinds, you can create a defined space on a porch or pergola that can be used year round. When you prefer sun, all you have to do is draw back the blinds on your pergola. On the other hand, when you need shade, just close the covering.
  • If you have windows that are too high to reach, motorized window blinds are a perfect solution. This is because you can control your motorized window treatments by using a remote.
  • Consider how many windows in your home need motorized blinds.
  • Although motorized blinds cost more than standard window treatments, you can eventually cover the cost of the upfront investment because of their extended lifespan.
  • It’s best to let a professional install your motorized blinds.

To learn more about the advantages of motorized blinds, visit Just Blinds. For the past three decades, we’ve been providing top quality window treatments for the residents of Central Alabama. Please contact us and find out about our wide range of products.

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