Each New Year, we’re inspired to de-clutter and refresh our homes, and 2018 is not likely to be an exception, and when you hear what designers are forecasting in terms of home design and decor for the New Year, we bet you’ll be inspired to do a little interior “overhauling” of your own!

Floral Prints

If you love florals, 2018 is your year, at least in terms of interior design. Designers are predicting that florals — especially large-scale florals as seen on these beautiful draperies — will be popping up everywhere from window treatments to throw pillows to bedding. Heck — they’ll even be showing up in totally unexpected ways!

The Statement Floor

Taking its cues from the accent or statement wall, 2018 will be the year of the statement floor. You’ll see gorgeous patterned floors from parquet and herringbone wood floor designs to exotic printed tiles. (Keep patterned tiles from becoming dated in the coming years by sticking to tried-and-true classic color combos like black and white or other neutral pairings.)

Say Goodbye All-White Kitchens and Hello to More Color and Texture

Color is taking over kitchens in 2018, say designers. But if you — like many — love the look of a white kitchen, there’s no need to gut it and start from scratch. To bring your white kitchen into the New Year, all you need is the addition of a little color. According to the real estate pros at Zillow, blue kitchens are hot sellers, so why not add a blue tiled backsplash or paint the island a warm, rich blue-gray? You can even paint the walls blue or simply add some lively blue accents if there’s not a lot of room in your budget.

Warm Up Your Neutrals

There’s always a place for neutrals in interior design because they’re so versatile. In 2018, though, neutrals will take a decidedly warmer vibe, with warm — as opposed to cool — grays, and rich, earthy browns, rusts and camel — even warmed-up reds!

Rethink Metal Accents

One of the least expensive ways to update your kitchen or bath is by replacing faucets, and matte black is on track to be the most popular choice for 2018. But don’t stop there, try matte metal cabinet hardware and drawer pulls, as well as matte metal pendant lights in the kitchen or sconces in the bathroom. All are relatively inexpensive ways to update your rooms for the New Year!

Consider Using Concrete on the Inside — and Not Just on the Patio!

According to the designers the folks at Houzz consulted with about 2018 design trends, concrete accents are going to be BIG in 2018, and we’re not talking about walkways. Concrete tile floors, concrete countertops, furniture and accessories will all be making an appearance in American homes this year. You can even get the look of concrete with “faux” concrete wallpaper if you’re not keen on replacing a floor or a kitchen countertop!

Nothing Says 2018 Like a New (Non-White, Non-Stainless Steel) Sink

Designers say that white and stainless steel sinks are on the decline, and homeowners are opting instead for concrete, stone, matte copper and granite composite sinks in dark, rich tones of gray, bronze and even black. Trough and bucket sinks are also on the rise, especially in bathrooms.

Calm, Minimally-Furnished Bedrooms

We’ve all read the advice from sleep experts cautioning against cluttered bedrooms with TV sets disturbing healthy sleep patterns. Well, good news on that front! Designers say that the trend for bedrooms in 2018 is toward calm, modern, sparsely-decorated bedrooms with soft, billowy window treatments, soft bedding fabrics and simple, functional furniture. Insomniacs take heart!

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